Write Fast, Run Fast with Infragistics Ultimate 17.1

Infragistics Team / Thursday, June 22, 2017

Here’s an interesting stat for you to chew on: 88% of developers use more than one programming language, while 57% say staying current with new languages, frameworks, and tools is one of their biggest challenges.

Because you don’t have enough to do already, right?

The fact is, the universe of software development is moving fast, and chances are it’s not going to slow down. But Infragistics Ultimate can help. Our controls and productivity tools smooth the transition between platforms and help you save time and money as you race to build and support desktop, web, and mobile applications.

Today, with the release of Infragistics Ultimate 17.1, Infragistics is expanding today’s most popular UI control suite, with support and capabilities across the application development lifecycle. 

Here are just a few things we’re really excited about.

Ignite UI for JavaScript

The mantra for all Infragistics products is “Write Fast, Run Fast”—that is, make it easy for you to write your apps fast, and build our tools so your apps run fast. The features and updates in Ignite UI for JavaScript definitely make good on that promise, while creating a great experience for developers.

We go into more detail in the Ignite UI for JavaScript features "What's New" blog post, but here are the essentials:


First off, you’ll want to check out the new Schedule component:

Creating intuitive date and time interfaces can be…challenging, to say the least. But now it’s easy. We’ve got interfaces for setting appointments, including everything from setting start date and time, to subject, length, and recurrence.

We handle scheduling not just people, but resources as well. With different color schemes. Not to mention both month and agenda views. And they display just as nicely on mobile devices as they do on the desktop.


We’re excited to announce a new Spreadsheet component, including many of the features and capabilities you’d expect to see in popular spreadsheet apps.

The read-only Spreadsheet component also has a formula bar that supports custom formulas and provides dozens of built-in functions and formulas (SUM, MEAN, MEDIAN, GEOMEAN, HARMEAN, and so forth).

The Spreadsheet component provides many options to manage how users work with and consume the data presented to them. You can programmatically change for look, feel and format for the Spreadsheet control based on any event or user interface element you choose. Using the powerful executeAction method and the underlying options, you can manipulate the spreadsheet data and how it is displayed (e.g. hide elements like gridlines, headings), as well  as well as change many other properties of the control.

The spreadsheet also programmatically supports zooming and text formatting (bold, italics, underline). These features work in real-time, so your users can change these settings on the fly. Users can also split the spreadsheet into scrollable panes, show/hide the formula bar and freeze the first column or row.

New Advanced Ignite UI Grid Features

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the component many of you use most often: the Ignite UI Grid.

Ignite UI already has the fastest JavaScript grid available, and we’ve made it even better. You can now filter entire grids by the text you want, regardless of which column the data is in.

Another very popular feature of the Ignite UI Grid is the ability to group rows together based on specific data. This has long been a great way for users to organize data and make it easier to work with. With the 17.1 release, Ignite UI now supports data summaries for grouped data.

And there’s more: grid caption templating, which lets you make stylish, eye-catching captions for your grid that work with — rather than ignore — the surrounding user experience. And we’ve updated our Number Editor to support decimal point rounding.

And we’re just getting started. Stay tuned for the Ignite UI Productivity Pack for the modern web developer, coming soon.

Infragistics Ultimate UI for Xamarin

If you’re looking for extraordinary performance in your iOS and Android apps, and you want to build those apps in record time and with record ease, Ultimate UI for Xamarin will help you scratch that itch.

Productivity Pack

The exclusive Infragistics Xamarin Productivity Pack will change the way you write Xamarin.Forms applications. You start by whiteboarding out your app with the App Map, the first visual diagramming IDE for Xamarin.

Next, add controls, using the NuGet-powered Xamarin.Forms Toolbox.

Just drag and drop controls to the XAML editor, or hold down the Ctrl key while dragging to get extended XAML snippets, making your code writing much easier and reducing the amount of hand-coding you have to do.

Finally, use the Control Configurators to visually configure rich controls like charts, gauges, and the data grid right in the XAML editor, shaving hours off development time.

Xamarin Schedule

Like its JavaScript sibling (see earlier in this post), Xamarin Schedule makes it simple to do one of the most common, but frustrating, tasks in apps—display and manage appointments. Appointments can be displayed in a month view, an agenda view, or a split view showing both.

Populate appointments by using the built-in appointment and resource classes, or use your own custom business objects.

Xamarin Sparkline Chart

If you've used sparklines in a spreadsheet, you know how effective this data-intense, design-simple graphic tool can be for letting users spot trends and patterns in a clear, compact way. 

Our new Sparkline Charts give you that at-a-glance capability, with easy area, column, line, and win-loss customizations.

 Windows Forms

Our Windows Forms editors give you the ability to easily and completely control both the data entry and display for many of our popular controls, including the Calculator Drop Down, Check Editor, Color Picker, Combo Editor, Control Container Editor, Currency Editor, Date Time Editor, Font Name Editor, Formatted Text Editor, Numeric Editor, Text Editor, and more.

There are also several new controls in Infragistics Windows Forms, including

  • Ultra Radio Button:a selectable button linked to other radio buttons in a group. Its defining characteristic is that only one radio button in a group can be selected at one time. When a radio button is selected, all others within the group are automatically deselected. This is useful in scenarios where a choice must be made among mutually exclusive options.
  • Geographic Map:Allows you to display geographic locations
    or geospatial data loaded from shape files on geographic imagery maps.
  • Peek Pop-Up: Originally only available as an extension of the Outlook Navigation Bar, the Peep Pop-up control is now available as a standalone drop-down control to offer a more modern user experience.

Indigo Studio

Indigo Studio is Infragistics’ intuitive, code-free prototyping and usability testing product, included with Infragistics Ultimate. It takes a design-first, code-later approach to rapid prototyping, removing guesswork from the development process.

With this release, remote usability tests now feature full screen recordings—and can optionally include voice and camera input.

Teams can record, review, and refine usability test videos and can click any existing note in the sidebar to jump to that section of the video. This is incredibly useful when multiple team members are analyzing the videos. With an annotated video timeline, you can quickly see whether participants interacted as expected and where they got confused.

Write Fast, Run Fast

Jason Beres, Senior Vice President of Developer Tools at Infragistics, recently said, “Today’s developers are expected to know and do more, faster, with tighter deadlines than ever before.”

Jason, it’s safe to say, is a master of understatement. Luckily, Infragistics has got your back, more so with Infragistics Ultimate 17.1 than ever before.

You can download a free 30-day trial, or go straight to our Infragistics Ultimate site to get detailed information about our  UI controls for Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET, JavaScript/HTML5 and ASP.NET MVC, Xamarin and more. Then, when you're ready to dig in and learn, you'll find our Xamarin, Ignite UI, and Indigo Studio sites each have video tutorials and how-to guides to get you rolling.