UXify 2017 | New Product UX in Emerging Markets

Kevin Richardson, Ph.D. / Wednesday, July 12, 2017

In this final installment of the UXify 2017 conference blog series, sponsored by Infragistics, Ann Cosfol, VP of Customer Success at Journey Sales, describes new product UX in emerging markets.

[KR] Ann, you're involved in bringing a new product to a new market. That's sounds challenging from several perspectives. Can you tell us a little about it?

[Ann] Creating a new product in an emerging market takes focus and determination. Making a product successful, however, requires it be easy to adopt and intuitive to users who do not see the need for change. In our case, asking sales reps to adopt a new sales tool, and a new sales process, requires instant results to ensure adoption. Unless our product is intuitive and easy to use, it won’t be used at all.

Journey Sales, located in Villanova, Pennsylvania, is a start-up that is creating an innovative sales tool that has had its usability challenges. It wasn’t until 2016, when we began following a UX process, that we began to see evidence of significant user acceptance. My talk illustrates how we embraced the process of user experience and how it improved upon our previous process of depending on in-house experts and engineers.

KR NOTE: My apologies for the quality of the sound (or lack thereof). You may just want to use the video as a slide share.

Ann Cosfol

As a customer-focused engagement professional with client and agency experience, Ann is a relationship builder adept at working with clients to achieve their strategic goals. Currently working at Journey Sales in Villanova Pennsylvania, Ann works with experts in their fields to create an innovated sales solution in an emerging Account Based Sales industry. As the VP of Customer Success, Ann’s ability to quickly assess and support client organizations by redefining organizational structures, process and approach to doing business has led to her clients’ financial success.

Ann lives in Haverford, Pennsylvania with her husband, Tom, her daughters, Margaret and Claire, and her dogs, Emma and Chase.

UXify 2017

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