UXify 2017 | The Details Matter: Designing for User Experiences

Kevin Richardson, Ph.D. / Wednesday, May 17, 2017

In the second of the UXify 2017 conference blog series, sponsored by Infragistics, Dell Boomi's Director of User Experience Tracy Kroop shows us how and why the micro-interactions matter when designing for user experiences.

Tracy Kroop speaking at UXify 2017

KR: Can you tell us a little about your presentation?

Tracy: When we talk about user experience design and understanding your audience, the focus is often on the role(s) in which people operate; the goals they and their organization have; and the objectives they're trying to achieve. The importance of these factors is indisputable. However, to remain at this level is too general, and it's time to dive into the details that play a critical role in designing user experiences.

This talk will acknowledge 3 categories of details: micro interactions, accessibility, and messaging. Definitions and examples of each category will be discussed, with resources and references provided for self-guided follow up.

Sound interesting? Review Tracy's presentation on SlideShare.

Tracy Kroop is the Director of User Experience at Dell Boomi. As a research-driven UX designer with roots in graphic design, she is constantly looking for ways to make things easier and more enjoyable to use.

Tracy is a Jersey native left with only traces of her accent, who now calls South Philly 'home'. She loves photography, street art, and the Philly food scene. She occasionally loves running.

UXify 2017

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