UXify 2018 – If ‘Everyone is a Designer’ Then Why Am I Here?

Jim Ross / Thursday, April 26, 2018

Infragistics’ Senior UX Designer, Darian O’Reilly, will kick off this year’s UXify conference with her presentation, “If Everyone is a Designer, Then Why Am I Here? Including Clients in the Design Process without Ruining the Design.” 

UXify 2018: The Future of User Experience, our sixth annual, free UX conference, takes place on Friday, April 27 from 11 am – 5:30 pm, with networking from 5:30 - 7:00 pm. Lunch, snacks, and beer and wine during the networking are included.

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Darian O'Reilly

If Everyone is a Designer, Then Why Am I Here? Including Clients in the Design Process without Ruining the Design.

By Darian O'Reilly, Senior UX Designer at Infragistics

Whether you are a freelance consultant, work at an agency, or are in-house, you have clients. If you have ever designed something for anyone but yourself, you have experienced the push and pull of creative control that exists in most design projects.

Finding the delicate balance between fostering productive client input and ending up with too many cooks in the design kitchen is a challenge UX designers regularly face. It is impossible to create a useful and elegant product solution without adequate information from our clients, but it is equally difficult to do so while having personal opinions thrust upon you about which shade of blue to use for the submit button and where to put it. Short of jumping on top of the conference table and telling your clients what you REALLY think, how can you navigate this project minefield riddled with often misguided artistic opinions?

This session will walk attendees through four important elements of the design process that when utilized properly, will create structure, provide predictability, and establish boundaries for clients while still encouraging them to make valuable project contributions.

Darian O’Reilly
Darian is a Senior UX Designer at Infragistics and has been creating innovative user experiences for clients in technology, healthcare, financial, consumer and non-profit markets for over 15 years. With a degree in Sociology from Columbia University and a passion for visual design, she offers a unique perspective, applying an artistic eye to the wants and needs of the end user to create intuitive and elegant user interface solutions. She lives by the New Jersey Shore with her husband, teenage children, and three beagles.

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