UXify 2018 – The Future of User Experience

Jim Ross / Monday, March 12, 2018

Celebrate UXify 2018 – The Future of User Experience with the Infragistics team and special guests on Friday, April 27, 2018 from 11am – 5:30pm, with networking from 5:30 - 7:00pm.

Our sixth annual FREE user experience event brings together the community of academics, practitioners, technologists, and business leaders for a conversation about design, user experience, content strategy and development at Infragistics' ultra-sleek, central New Jersey headquarters. Lunch, snacks, and soft drinks will be provided throughout the day. 

It's an excellent opportunity to network, learn, share knowledge and gain new insights!

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2018 Presentations and Speakers

If ‘Everyone is a Designer’ Then Why Am I Here?

Darian O'Reilly, Senior UX Designer at Infragistics


What Do Design Skills Look Like in the Age of AI?

David Fisher, Product Lead at ustwo


Shifiting Dimensions: From 2D to Virtual Reality, the UX Designer's Journey

Lisa Lokshina, Principal User Experience Designer & Researcher at L3A Studio

Kristine Malden, Associate Director of Creative Strategy at Slab Design


The Next Generation of Project Management: Getting Results without Formal Authority

Justin Fraser, Senior Project Manager at Infragistics


The Future is Today

Tobias Komischke, Ph.D., Global Head of UX at Honeywell IT


Detoxifying Your Prototyping Process for Better Results

George Abraham, Senior Product Owner and Design Principal at Infragistics


AR, VR and MR: Where Are We Heading To?

Paulo Melo, Design Manager at SIDIA: a Samsung Research and Development Center in Brazil

Mauricio Sá Ribeiro, Product Designer at SIDIA


How to Design Complex Stuff You Don’t Entirely Understand

Rick Winslow, Head of Digital Innovation at Capital One Commercial Banking


Is it Time to Switch to Conversational UI?

Michael Eydman, Senior Consultant at ABME Corporation


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