Webinar Recap: Infragistics Ultimate UI for Xamarin – Fast, Visual, Native Mobile Development

Infragistics Team / Thursday, April 27, 2017

In this webinar, Jason Beres, Senior VP of Developer Tools; Brian Lagunas, Senior Product Owner; and Karl Shifflett, Senior Platform Architect discussing how Ultimate UI for Xamarin will enable you to write fast and run fast with native cross-platform apps.

Write fast

AppMap makes it simple you to visually lay out a UI in a WYSIWYG format while generating the necessary code. All the code created by AppMap follows best-practices PRISM code for the mobile app, including the navigation. In the webinar, Brian demonstrates how easy it is to generate the necessary XAML and files for a multi-screen or tabbed layout in minutes.

The Visual Toolbox is the world’s first NuGet powered toolbox. The Visual Toolbox uses all of the standard Xamarin.Forms layouts, views, and controls with automatic namespace references. Karl demonstrates how to drag and drop from the toolbox to create views in XAML without writing a single line of code.

Finally, Control Configurators help you automatically bind data, create custom brush editors, and modify properties of UI controls through a WYSIWYG interface — once again with with no coding required.

Run fast

Ultimate UI for Xamarin includes over sixty productivity and UI control components, providing unrivaled performance and usability. The included data grids can render for huge workloads, and the data chart is capable of rendering millions of data points with millisecond refresh rates.

You’ll see in the demonstration how the Ultimate UI for Xamarin can handle multiple data sources to render data points crisply and efficiently. 

Click here to learn more about creating a mobile app using these features, or get started right now by downloading a free trial of Ultimate UI for Xamarin