• NetAdvantage for .NET 2009.2 Fall Roadmap

    As we get near to the 2009.2 release, I wanted to give everyone an update on where we are at.  We tons of really awesome stuff coming out, and this post will be your first introduction to some what you can get your hands in in the next couple of months!

    The release schedule for the Fall/Winter 2009 is:

    • NetAdvantage for Win Client - September 2009
    • NetAdvantage for Web Client - October 2009
    • NetAdvantage for Silverlight…
    • Tue, Aug 25 2009
  • High Performance Silverlight Charting

    The Data Visualization Team has been hard at work at our next generation high performance charting control.  Our goal is to hit the use case of a live data feed coming in around 1,000,000 data points every several milliseconds.  This is based on various scientific, financial and medical vertical scenarios we have identified in product management (that basically means that a lot of you emailed us and told us to do this)…

    • Tue, Aug 18 2009