• Announcing Silverlight Pivot Grid + DataChart CTP

    I am super excited to make available for immediate download our latest Silverlight Data Visualization CTP which includes:

    • OLAP Pivot Grid
    • DataChart

    I have blogged about the DataChart over the past few months, and talk about the performance areas where we have gotten to 1,250,000 data points rendering every 3 milliseconds. We are looking at various scenarios in key verticals like financials and healthcare where…

    • Wed, Nov 18 2009
  • Dr. Dobbs & Windows 7 Multitouch Article

    Dr. Dobbs has recently published an article I wrote with Joel Eden, a UX Consultant in our Services side of the business.  To read more about Windows 7 and Multitouch, you can check out the artilcle we wrote here:


    What is most cool about Windows 7 and Multitouch?  You don't need to actually do anything special to get default gestures to work.  Using gestures…

    • Fri, Nov 13 2009
  • Confirmed - Mike Saltzman will be at PDC

    Are you a Mike Saltzman fan?  Well, I am.  And we have convinced Mike to take a break from writing awesome code and answering forum posts and leave East Coast for a week and head to LA for PDC.

    Come by the booth and challenge Mike with your toughest Windows Forms question!  Before he leaves for LA, Mike is going to program into his short term memory all 11,059 answers he has posted to the forums over the last couple of years…

    • Thu, Nov 12 2009
  • Open Spaces @ PDC - Windows 7 Developers Bootcamp

    If you are going to be at PDC next week and have signed up for the Windows 7 Developers Bootcamp on Monday, stop by the discussion on Windows 7 Multi-Touch that I'll be moderating during lunch and networking sessoin with MVP's.  The schedule for the entire day is: 
    Location: Meal Hall is in South Hall G, right next door to The Big Room.
    • 10 AM – Noon - Getting the most out of Windows
      Mark Ru…
    • Thu, Nov 12 2009