• Sneak Peek: SharePlus v3 Update & Roadmap

     I have gotten a ton of requests from customers in the last few weeks around the roadmap and vision for the next version of SharePlus.  One of the most important ‘features’ of a mobile App seems to be that it gets updated often, purchase decisions on the App Stores are made based on how recent an update was, and what the version number is.  The deployment model is much different than a traditional line of business…

    • Tue, Feb 28 2012
  • Sneak Peek: What's Coming in NetAdvantage 12.1

     We are getting close to the 12.1 release date.  We are past code complete and are hard at work testing, writing docs and creating samples.  We have a lot of great stuff coming in 12.1, a lot of code has been written in the last 4 months since 11.2, and even better it’s all based on what you’ve asked for.  In this post, I’ll talk about the new controls & features in:

    • Windows Forms
    • ASP.NET
    • HTML5…
    • Tue, Feb 28 2012
  • Getting Ready for the Visual Studio 11 Beta

    Today Jason Zander announced details around Visual Studio 11 and the .NET Framework 4.5 Beta slated to ship on February 29th with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, and Microsoft posted details on the lineup of Visual Studio 11 product configurations.

    Here is a preview of the new Metro style UI used in Visual Studio 11:

    Visual Studio Metro Style


    We’ve been getting questions around the next version of Visual Studio since the Developer Preview…

    • Thu, Feb 23 2012
  • SharePoint on the iPad: SharePlus Webinar Wrap Up

     Thanks for attending the SharePlus webinar this week, there was a huge turnout and the interaction was awesome. I wanted to post the slides and follow up on some of the Q&A that went on during the chat.


    Download the PDF

    Deck: Infragistics SharePlus - SharePoint on the iPad



    I’ve compiled the Q&A below, and added / enhanced some of the answers where possible.  If you have any other questions, please…

    • Sat, Feb 18 2012
  • Gantt Control Print Preview Beta Available

    One of the more popular control in the Windows Forms product is the Gantt schedule control.  Since we released this last year, we’ve gotten a bunch of feature requests, with the most common having been around Printing.  In the 12.1 release we’ll be shipping the Printing feature.  In order to get this into your hands sooner and to give us feedback, you can grab the current beta of this feature here.

    When you…

    • Mon, Feb 13 2012
  • Mobile Security: Using SharePlus in the Enterprise

    PasscodeOne of the first questions that comes up when talking about mobile access to server assets is usually “how are you ensuring data security?”.  As you know, when it comes to any IT department, security is going to be something that they care about most (even ahead of server uptime).

    Since SharePlus is an iPad / Android / Blackberry Playbook App, there are multiple options for securing your data that come for…

    • Mon, Feb 6 2012