• What's New in Windows Forms 15.2!

    With more than 100+ controls, Infragistics Windows Forms is the most mature, fully-featured Windows Forms Product on the market. With features that cover every aspect of enterprise software development including Microsoft Office Style user interfaces, high performance charting, and full modern experiences with touch & gestures. With this release, you will see our continued commitment and investment in Windows Forms…

    • Tue, Oct 13 2015
  • What's New in Native Mobile for iOS & Android for 15.2

    Android 15.2

    15.2 marks a milestone for our Android product - we are officially RTM'd with the DataChart, and we are introducing a brand new DataGrid, built from the ground up to deliver on the most demanding mobile scenarios.  Our new Data Grid is truly responsive to changes of the available width and orientation of the device. Columns animations, binding remote data along with the local, live scrolling, row selection…

    • Tue, Oct 13 2015
  • What's New in Ignite UI: HTML5, jQuery & ASP.NET MVC for 15.2

    Ignite UI™ is the most powerful set of high performance user experience controls and components for development of modern apps in HTML5, JavaScript or ASP.NET MVC. If you are building responsive web apps that target the desktop and mobile, or just hybrid mobile apps, Ignite UI can get you there. We are continuing to invest in rich line-of-business scenarios for the desktop browser, while ensuring the touch experiences…

    • Tue, Oct 13 2015
  • Announcing Infragistics Ultimate 15.2: Download Today!

    We are very excited to announce that Infragistics Ultimate 15.2 is now available to download!

    Growing technology trends are bringing tremendous opportunities: the Internet of Things (IoT); the demand for advanced analytics; rapid prototyping, and more. With the right tools and services, enterprises of all sizes can turn these opportunities into benefits. That's where 15.2 comes in.

    Bring huge volumes of data to…

    • Tue, Oct 13 2015