2 Awards in 2 weeks

Jason Beres [Infragistics] / Tuesday, June 8, 2010

if you follow the #infragistics Twitter feed, you proably noticed that we tweeted around the awards we won over the last couple of weeks.  Since alot of folks don't tweet, I thought I would post here to let you know what has been going on.  Before I get into the awards, it's important to recongize that the only reason we can win awards is because of you all out there pushing us to make better product, higher quality products.  More controls, more components, more great user experience.  That is what we strive to deliver to make you more successful.

So last week, we were awarded the SD Times 100 award, which recognizes the top innovators and leaders in software.  Here is an abstract from their judging criteria:

The editors of SD Times identified the industry’s top leaders, innovators and influencers, and broke them out into 10 separate industry segments. Some companies lead in one category, others in more than one. In each category, one company has been spotlighted as a star deserving of special notice.

When choosing the SD Times 100, we carefully considered each company’s offerings and reputation. We also listened for the “buzz”—how much attention and conversation we’ve heard around the company and its products and technologies—as a sign of leadership within the industry.

The SD Times 100 looked for companies that have determined a direction that developers followed. Did the company set the industry agenda? Did its products and services advance the software development art? Were its competitors nervously tracking its moves? Were programmers anxiously awaiting its developments? Those qualities mark a leader.

It's a pretty cool award, it's about innovation and leadership.  With the OLAP Pivot Grid, the High Speed Charting, best in class performance in ASP.NET and SIlverlight, I think we are doing some neat stuff, and it's nice to be recongnized by SD Times. 

The 2nd award, which is even cooler because it is customer and community driven, is the Code Project Members Choice Awards.  Infragistics was awarded Best Component Suite for our NetAdvantage for .NET + WPF suite, which includes WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET & WPF toolsets.  Here is the judging criteria:

CodeProject.com members were asked to rate their favorites on http://catalog.codeproject.com/ from the products listed there. The Code Project staff then compiled the highest rated listings, awarding the highest ranked in each product category. The results reflect actual perceptions of what developers value. Members decide which companies or products deserve recognition, based on in-the-field experience. 
According to Jeff Hadfield, president of The Code Project (USA), “As before, The Code Project Members Choice Awards reflect the diversity and depth of the tools available to professional developers around the world. This past year has brought even more user interface (UI) tools but also more tools to support all aspects of the development process. Congratulations to the winners, and to the development community for encouraging innovation and excellence.”

So there you have it, 2 awards in 2 weeks, all thanks to you, our customers.  Thank you!  And BTW, if you don't follow us on Twitter, and you Tweet, add #infragistics and #jasonberes to your timeline.  You'll get up to the minute info on product, service releases, issues and a whole lot of good technical tweets on a wide variety of technology challenges.