Dr. Dobbs & Windows 7 Multitouch Article

Jason Beres [Infragistics] / Friday, November 13, 2009

Dr. Dobbs has recently published an article I wrote with Joel Eden, a UX Consultant in our Services side of the business.  To read more about Windows 7 and Multitouch, you can check out the artilcle we wrote here:


What is most cool about Windows 7 and Multitouch?  You don't need to actually do anything special to get default gestures to work.  Using gestures like Click, Scroll, Pan & Zoom, you can get a pretty decent touch experience for free.  If you get a chance to use an HP or Asus computer with a touch screen digitizer, go ahead and open the Silverlight or WPF samples from http://samples.infragistics.com, and you'll see that the controls are already enabled for touch using the default gestures.

If you have a multitouch project, shoot me an email, and I can give you more details on our plans for 10.1 and extended multitouch support.