Indigo.Design 2021 Roadmap

Jason Beres [Infragistics] / Monday, April 19, 2021

If you haven't seen the latest features we've shipped in Indigo.Design, make sure to read this blog.  Continuing for the rest of this year, you can expect a ton of action on Indigo.Design, specifically, around the new App Builder.  We've invested a lot of time over the last 4 years with a heavy focus on the UX / design team side, including image-based prototyping, Sketch artboard imports, Sketch to Angular code generation, remote unmoderated user testing, inspect tooling to pull CSS and more from designs, and more. This year, with the release of Indigo.Design App Builder, expect to see:

  • Developer WYSIWYG app building with production ready code output
  • Design to code continuity from design tooling to app builder
  • Moving from a Sketch, Figma or XD design in the Indigo.Design cloud to App Builder
  • GitHub repository integration with the generated code output and design / code synchronization

This means you'll see us improve on the stories that are focused on design to code from your favorite vector-based design tool (Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD) to your favorite developer framework (Angular, React, Web Components, Blazor). This is pretty exciting, it means we'll support the design side of your team and the development side of your team, without forcing you to make hard decisions on which tooling to use. We will support them all!

Another area of focus is integrations. At first, we'll ensure that we work with your own custom controls or any 3rd party library, integrations with 3rd party design systems. as well as source control integration with GitHub. Along the way, we'll be exposing APIs that will let you create your own custom integrations, greatly expanding what you'll be able to accomplish with Indigo.Design.

Here is a high level view of our timeline for the next 12 months.

 Web App Builder Roadmap

As with any roadmap, it's an aspirational goal.  We're usually pretty close, but for some of the features that we haven't designed yet, they might take longer. We will continue to update you via this blog with where we are at on these items (and new ones that pop in) throughout the year.

In terms of actual release, we will be doing monthly releases, so while this is a quarterly roadmap, expect frequent updates, frequent and fast bug fixes, and a ton of goodness shipping in 2021.

if you have any questions / issues / feedback / ideas - send an email to or shoot me an email directly at

Happy App Building!