Remote User Testing with Social Distancing in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jason Beres [Infragistics] / Thursday, June 18, 2020

While most of the world is on some sort of a lockdown / quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses still need to operate. With User Experience and Usability still a primary concern of every CEO, management team and product delivery team, how can you still deliver high quality UX with the restrictions of social distancing? With Indigo.Design’s remote, unmoderated user testing, you can ensure your apps are:

  • Useful
  • Usable
  • Desirable

And you can do this all while maintaining the strict COVID-19 social distancing measures that governments and corporations have put in place to ensure the safety and health of employees, contractors and, in the case of user testing, the stakeholders and testers of your design.

User Testing with Indigo.Design

With Indigo.Design, you create cloud-based user tests, and then you simply share them with stakeholders and testers. This means you are testing your designs with real people, getting real-time analytics on the test results, with the safety of social distancing built in.

Here is how it works:

Remote User Testing Process

It is really that simple: 3 easy steps to create, share and analyze a remote user test.

Using a tool like Indigo.Design for unmoderated, remote user testing, you still avoid costly iterations by getting feedback before coding—early and often. It is easy to quickly set up user testing for your prototypes and see how users engage, and because everything is cloud-based, you can create as many tests as you need for no additional cost or infrastructure. You can review test results of how users achieved tasks screen-by-screen or on video, and users can participate from any device.

Let's get into more details on how user testing works in Indigo.Design.

User Testing for Mobile Apps, Web Apps and Desktop Apps

In our January 2020 release of Indigo.Design, the user testing feature underwent a complete rethink to make it easier to both create tests and analyze results.

You can create tests for any of the designs in your cloud workspace. You can either publish your prototypes from Sketch or create it directly in your workspace. When you create a new test, you will see a live test creation experience, where you can add new tasks and then interact with the live prototype to record an expected path. This information will be used when presenting you with the results and segmenting participants.

 Set up a remote user test (GIF)

Everything is saved in real-time so you don’t need to confirm or cancel anything. You can change the default test settings when you set up the test, and we have tried to put in some good defaults to speed up your workflow. A “preview” option lets you take part exactly like a participant without recording any results.

Participate in Remote User Tests from Any Device

The Indigo.Design solution lets your stakeholders and users take part in a usability test on any device, as long as they have access to a web-browser. You can invite them by sharing a link to the test, which makes it really easy to invite via email, chat or forum post.

Optionally, when someone takes part using the desktop Chrome browser, they can install the Chrome extension that lets us record the user’s session. Not to worry, users are always in control of whether they want to provide camera and voice streams before they start the test. Even if the video is not available, we still collect task analytics and how users interacted with your design.

 Enable Indigo.Design Chrome extension for Recording User Testing

Did we mention that you can create any number of tests with unlimited participants? Well, you can! This frees you up to test when you want and with anyone you like. Your participants don’t even need to sign-in, further removing any obstacles to participation.

 User Test Task Completion

*** Take part in a live usability test ***

Enhanced Usability Testing Analytics Dashboard

With the new analytics dashboard for usability tests we've made it easy to not only collect analytics related to participation, but to watch a video replay of the participant’s session.

And while watching videos allows you to really experience the session from the users’ perspective, it’s time-consuming. To address this problem, the analytics dashboard had been redesigned to give you quick insights into overall behavior and also individual behavior— even before you watch any video. We feel this is going to save you a lot of time, allowing you to locate problem areas in your flow quickly.

Remote User Testing Dashboard Analytics

The user test dashboard analytics report has four main areas of interest:

  1. Task analytics overview- This shows a brief task description, success rate (%), # of participates who succeeded vs. total participants, and avg. time on task
  2. Completion funnel- this is an aggregate representation of the expected path you defined for each task, how many people used that exact path, where drop-offs occur, and where unexpected interactions are happening.
  3. User segments- automatically categorize participation based on whether they used the expected path, used an alternate success path or could not complete the task with the design provided.
  4. Participation data table- shows the session details for each participant, with a timeline view (Click-path) that visualizes expected and unexpected interactions. Hovering on any timeline marker provides a quick preview of how and where the user interacted with the design.

If the participant has provided a video replay, you will see a “play video” option listed. Even when there is no video, the click-path option lets you visualize any users’ session.

Need More Security? Indigo-On Prem is for You.

As mentioned earlier, with Indigo.Design, you can access both your prototypes and inspect in one place. You can get all the power of as a private Indigo Server so that only members from your organization have access. Your private server also supports unmoderated usability testing with user videos to ensure that you have the right design before you generate code. We truly believe in the value of iterating with real customers, and Indigo.Design On-Prem offers a unified platform to design and evaluate your designs as frequently as required.

Contact for a demo of Indigo.Design On-Prem, our private server offering. 

Get Started with Indigo.Design

Don't stop with prototypes; get it in the hands of real users with our 1-click sharing, and the ability to view prototypes on any device. Harness the power of Indigo.Design Cloud for recording user sessions and task analytics.  With the global pandemic forcing a fundamental change in the way we operate our businesses, user experience is more important than ever.  Using tools like Indigo.Design for remote, unmoderated user testing becomes an imperative.  If you have any questions or would like to talk about user testing with Indigo.Design, shoot me an email at

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