• How to use templates to style the different nodes of the Ignite UI Tree control

     Recently I published a blog about the changes around the template and how to use different template engines to customize the look and style of some of the Ignite UI controls. The Tree control goes under the same rules. If you want the structure of your jQuery Tree to be unique you can create a template and apply it to all of the nodes in it. In our UserVoice site we received a request for a way to style each tree node…

    • Tue, Jun 17 2014
  • Feature Persistence in the Ignite UI jQuery Grid and Hierarchical Grid

    Feature Persistence header imageDo you know what persistence is? Well when it comes to programming persistence means to save the current state of the process. Without this capability, the state will exist as long as the process is alive. This is an important feature when it comes to manipulating data in a grid. Imagine the following scenarios: You are using remote paging and you do some selection when you need to check the next page for something and…

    • Mon, Jun 2 2014
  • Using different template engines with Ignite UI controls

    header imageCreating an application is not only about making it functional it is about how the users will react to it. Did you know that when you create a mobile app for example a user decides in the first 10 seconds whether he likes it or not? So imagine how will you feel if the application is slow and you have to wait these seconds only for it to render? For us in Infragistics the User Experience is a top priority, that is why…

    • Fri, May 30 2014
  • Optimize the UX of your applications with the Ignite UI jQuery Radial Menu

    Ignite UI Radial Menu Header imageThe 14.1 release of Ignite UI came with a brand new OneNote MX Inspired jQuery Radial Menu control. This control presents its items in a circular arrangement around a center button and thus allows the end-user to select any item faster because each item is equally positioned in relation to the center. If you have been following my blogs so far you may have read the ones about the  XAML Radial Menu and the WinForms Radial…

    • Fri, May 23 2014
  • Give your project a head start with the Infragistics Template Gallery

    Infragistics Template Gallery header image

    If you have been following the news around our 14.1 release a major focus this cycle was on developer productivity. In the current blog we are going to focus on the new Visual Studio Starter Kit Template Gallery.

    The main idea behind the Infragistics template gallery is to provide easy to use project templates to developers.In the gallery you will find project templates mostly based on different on app samples for ASP…

    • Sat, May 10 2014
  • Using QR Barcode with ASP.NET

    ASP.NET QR code header imageA QR code is a popular way to present small chains of information. Infragistics has a QRCodeBarcode control for both XAML and Ignite UI. I have already written about the Ignite UI control in my previous blog Creating a vCard QR Barcode generator with jQuery igQRCodeBarcode control. Although you can use this control in an ASP.NET project in the current blog we are going to look at two alternative ways of creating an ASP…

    • Mon, Apr 14 2014
  • Creating a vCard QR Barcode generator with jQuery igQRCodeBarcode control

    header image for QR barcode

    The igQRCodeBarcode control is an HTML5, canvas control for Data Visualization. It presents different kind of information like URLs, personal contacts and etc. by rendering a Quick Response (QR) Code. The control supports several options for optimizing the size, readability and the position of the generated code. In the current blog we are going to see how to create a vCard QRBarcode for electronic business cards. v…

    • Thu, Feb 27 2014
  • How to build a jQuery Tornado chart using the data chart control

    tornado chart header imageThe Ignite UI Data Chart is a chart control that uses the Canvas tag in HTML5  to plot different kinds of chart into web applications and pages. The control has numerous series which can be combined and this way you can create even more series such as a tornado chart. The tornado chart is a special type of bar chart, which present values in a horizontal rather than vertical orientation. Those values are usually sorted…

    • Fri, Feb 21 2014
  • XAML Bullet Graph : introduction and some tips

    xamBulletGraph header image

    The main idea behind a bullet graph is to present a progress against  a goal. It allows the end-users to visualize data in a simple concise view and thus create an attractive bar chart. The new xamBulletGraph control is a Infragistics XAML control which provides the users with the opportunity to customize every visual element of the bullet graph as well as add a title and subtitle and in that way express their data in…

    • Tue, Feb 18 2014
  • jQuery Bullet Graph Introduction

    bullet graph header imageIn my previous blogs I’ve already mentioned that Infragistics’ Ignite UI package contains a lot of controls for Data Visualization. The one we are going to talk about in this blog is the bullet graph. This control is similar to the Linear Gauge but apart from the current value it also shows a target value which can serve as a point to reach or a measurement . It is usually used to compare two values one represented…

    • Wed, Feb 12 2014
  • Building a heatmap with XAML Grids

     The grid is one of the most useful controls for visualizing structured data. It gives you the opportunity to display and style your data according to your needs. There are numerous features that can help you customize it and provide best possible user experience for your end-users while they are manipulating and extracting the information they need. If you display that information with a heatmap the users will be able…

    • Thu, Feb 6 2014
  • How to create a heatmap with jQuery Grid and jsRender

    Ignite UI igGrid - heatmapThe Ignite UI Grid control is a jQuery-based grid that presents data in tabular form. I have already written about this control and it’s column fixing feature, but now we are going to consider it in a different light. The coolest thing about the grid is that it visualize the information you are  setting in a structured way and gives the end-user the ability to play with it and manipulate it. Imagine combining that…

    • Thu, Jan 30 2014
  • How to get started with Windows UI Radial Menu for WinRT

    Header image for xamRadialMenu

    The Radial Menu is a circular menu that provides a fast navigation for users. This control is new in the 13.2 release of Windows UI and it is inspired by the Microsoft’s OneNote MX 2013 radial menu. This kinds of menus are very useful and  convenient for touch devices. Although the control is released as CTP it supports a wide range of features and has build in tools like numeric items and gauges, lists, color well…

    • Fri, Jan 17 2014
  • Column Fixing in Ignite UI jQuery Grid

    The Ignite UI Grid control is jQuery based client-side grid that provides the ability to represent and manipulate data in tabular form. It supports many features like Paging, Column Resizing,Column Moving, Column Hiding, Sorting, Updating, Column Fixing and etc. Thanks to those features the end user can rearrange the table in a way suitable for their needs. The function we will take a look at in the current blog will…

    • Fri, Jan 10 2014
  • jQuery Radial Gauge: Multiple Needles and Gradients

    Ignite UI Radial GaugesIn the ”Getting started with jQuery Radial Gauge control” blog we examined the basic features of the Ignite UI Radial Gauge and we saw how to create a fully-functional gauge. In this blog we are going to take a look at some tips and tricks for using the  gauge in more advanced scenarios  and we are going to create a clock and a compass samples to demonstrate how to make multiple needles, multiple outlines and…

    • Thu, Jan 2 2014
  • Getting started with jQuery Radial Gauge control

    Ignite UI Radial Gauge getting started

    The Ignite UI radial gauge control is one of the many widgets for Data Visualization that you can find in the Infragistics package. This tool is capable of displaying a gauge containing a number of visual elements like scale with ticks,ranges, a needle and of course labels.



    To get started you just need to add references to the required resources such as: jQuery, jQuery UI, Ignite UI CSS files and scripts…

    • Thu, Dec 19 2013
  • How to create interactive menu with Infragistics Radial Menu and Windows Forms

    In the 13.2 release of Windows Forms, Infragistics offers attractive controls  which can help the end user to create interactive menus. In my previous blog we saw how to use Win Live Tile View control to create a menu similar to the Windows 8 one. In this blog we are going to create a radial menu,which will help us reach easily our favorite destinations and folders.

    navigation menu

    Radial Menu

    The Win Radial Menu is similar to the Microsoft…

    • Wed, Dec 11 2013
  • Creating a navigation menu with Windows Forms and Infragistics Live Tile View control

    We have all seen the Windows 8 and 8.1 start menu with its colorful tiles of different size and with different functionality. In the new 13.2 release of Windows Forms Infragistics presented a new control called Win Live Tile View, which allows you to create a navigation menu similar to the Windows one. This control gives you the opportunity to choose between more than fifty different tiles and thus create a beautiful…

    • Fri, Dec 6 2013
  • Introduction to Geographic High Density Scatter Series in Ignite UI Map control

    The igMap control uses the Canvas HTML5 tag to draw actual maps and visualize data on them. Choosing between different background content delivered by a map imagery provider (like Bing® Maps, CloudMade, or OpenStreetMap) you can display custom data and show it to the end user. In this blog we will go over the new feature of the control – the Geographic High-Density Scatter Series and make a sample that will…

    • Mon, Dec 2 2013
  • Creating a jQuery Music Player using the Ignite UI Linear Gauge.

    The Linear gauge widget can be very handy if you want to create a custom music player. In this blog you can see how to use this control to build the volume slider and the player slider while making a Music player like the one described in O'Reilly’s jQuery Cook Book. The example picture demonstrates the final result.

    Step one

    First of all, we need some HTML tags to host our player elements. We are going…

    • Fri, Nov 8 2013
  • How to express your data using Ignite UI’s jQuery Linear Gauge control.

    When it comes to Data Visualization, there is an abundance of controls in the Ignite UI package, which can help you provide the best user interface. Depending on the type of information you wish to display you can choose which chart to use. In the new release of Ignite UI there are few new controls and the one we are going to focus on in the current blog is the Linear Gauge. It supports a great amount of options and features…

    • Mon, Nov 4 2013
  • How to make an image gallery with Ignite UI Tile Manager–release 13.2

    If you have read my previous blog about Infragistics’ Tile Manager control, you know that this layout control provides a user-friendly interface and allows you to rearrange your images the way you want. In this blog we are going to see what are the changes in the new release. In the last release this control was CTP, but now it is already RTM and it is fully functional. Basically this layout control displays data into…

    • Thu, Oct 31 2013
  • How to build XAML Doughnut Chart

    The Infragistics packages for WPF and Silverlight contain a lot of diverse charts for data visualization. The control that we are going to look at is The Doughnut Chart. This chart supports one or more rings surrounding a blank center. It can be customized by controlling the slices labels and colors or by configuring the inner radius. In this blog you can learn how to add this control to your application and how to create…

    • Thu, Oct 24 2013
  • The Ignite UI Doughnut Chart and its features

    Using the Doughnut chart you can easily display multiple rings at the same time, capable of binding the same or a different collections. This chart is similar to the pie chart and is used to show categorical statistics expressed in percentages. It posses various options, allowing you to customize its appearance and the way you data is visualized.

    For starters

    In the current release this control is CTP, so be aware that…

    • Wed, Oct 16 2013
  • Getting started with Ignite UI Funnel Chart control

    The Ignite UI package offers a big range of HTML5 data visualization controls. One of those controls is the Funnel Chart, which displays data in a funnel shape. It visualizes the sections in a top-down composition, ordering the values from the largest one to the smallest one. The Funnel Chart is very handy when it comes to illustrating a “fallout” values and it provides many options, which allow the users to customize…

    • Thu, Oct 10 2013