3 Great jQuery Conferences in 2013

DevToolsGuy / Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Those who have worked a lot with jQuery will know there is a great community supporting it. This community exists offline as well as on (check out the jQuery Foundation website for lots of great online resources) in the form of a number of great conferences and meetups. Here are the details on 3 great jQuery conferences, supported by the jQuery Foundation.

jQuery ControlsjQuery Conference Toronto - March 2nd & 3rd - http://jqueryto.com/

This is the first ever jQuery conference held in Canada, at the University of Toronto. Spread over 2 days, the schedule packs in over 30 speakers covering HTML, CSS, and of course JavaScript. You can register now here. Tickets are priced at $250.

jQuery UK 2013 - April 19th - http://events.jquery.org/2013/uk/

jQuery UK is held in London this coming April. Speakers include Brendan Eich, the father of JavaScript and CTO of Mozilla. The day after the conference, (April 20th) is a specially staged Hack day allowing conference attendees to put the lessons they’ve learned into practice. Who will win the battle of the hacked remote controlled cars? Tickets and prices can be found here.

jQuery Conference Portland - June 13th & 14th - http://lanyrd.com/2013/jqcon/

Those based in the US have the chance to attend this jQuery Foundation hosted event. This is expected to be the biggest event yet, with over one thousand attendees. Held at the Oregon Convention Center, the show features two tracks of talks, which includes a dedicated training day. Ticket info is here