Developing a Mobile SharePoint Solution with Infragistics - Part I: Extensibility

DevToolsGuy / Monday, December 8, 2014

Companies face some major hurdles when trying to bring their SharePoint experience to mobile devices. Depending on how flexible and extensible the chosen mobile app is, this can be a huge issue for many organizations. But Infragistics is here to help, with its Enterprise Mobility (EM) suite.

Infragistics offers more than just a mobile SharePoint application; they offer a flexible and extensible platform to build your own mobile SharePoint solution upon. You can include corporate branding, add data analysis through ReportPlus dashboards, and even develop personalized information views.

In this blog series, we’ll explore all the ways you can customize your mobile SharePoint solution, beginning with part one: extensibility.

Incorporating Data Analysis

One way you can bring flexibility to your solution is through custom data analysis. With ReportPlus dashboards, you can easily add data analysis to your SharePoint solution. SharePlus integration with ReportPlus empowers you to design and create powerful data visualizations from your SharePoint data. In the screenshot below, you’ll see a sample dashboard, filled with insightful, real-time SharePoint data.

Develop personalized information views

Information views - or launchpads - greatly increase the flexibility and extensibility of your SharePlus implementation. In the screenshot below you can see a customized launchpad used as a start screen in SharePlus, which was developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to suit the user’s needs.

For more information about SharePlus, be sure to visit our Enterprise Mobility site. And be sure to stay tuned for our next post about the personalized information views found in SharePlus.