Exploring the jQuery controls in our new marketing dashboard

DevToolsGuy / Thursday, January 15, 2015

This month, Infragistics walks you through the creation of a Marketing Analytics Dashboard built using our jQuery tools, and you’re going to be pretty impressed with the results. Let’s start by taking a look at exactly how this app was built.

For this particular application, we used Infragistics jQuery map, data chart, bullet graph, data picker and doughnut chart controls.

First, we’ll look at how we used the logarithmic scale in the data chart, which allows us to show values of different amounts together in one graph. For instance, look how the visits and conversions take up roughly the same amount of space in the stacked bar:


Now look at the Y axis. See how it goes from 100 to 1,000 and then from 1,000 to 100,000? The value for visits is much larger than conversions, but using the log scale we can show them together with contextual meaning.

Next, the bullet graphs we used in this app are a nice touch, because they showcase a lot of information in just one control. Here you see the target, and the value together.

The map and date pickers are being used based on their most common use cases, but when combined with our UX and Visual Designers’ input, the results are visually stunning.

And if you don't mind my saying, the doughnut chart is a pretty cool way to represent some data in a different way.

Overall, these controls all add up to create something pretty spectacular!

So now that you’ve seen the behind-the-scenes details, be sure to grab your free trial of our controls, check out our making of the app video, and get the code for yourself so you can start creating a dashboard of your own. Happy coding!