Mobile in the Enterprise – A Work Anywhere Ecosystem (Part 1)

DevToolsGuy / Tuesday, March 5, 2013

There’s no question business has gone mobile. Between client calls, bicoastal business meetings, ever-expanding sales territories, telecommuting, and more, the need to access business data from remote locations has skyrocketed.  This is consistent with the adoption of tablet devices.  According to McKinsey & Company’s Telecom, Media & High Tech Extranet report, “Nearly 90% of employees use smartphones and tablets to do at least 25% of the work they formerly did on their PCs.” 1

 What’s more, mobile device usage for business is not limited to any class of employees; it’s not just the tech enthusiasts or the C-Suite anymore.  Tablets and smartphones have truly reached a mass audience.

Whether your enterprise has a corporate policy on tablets or it’s a “bring your own device” culture, enterprise tablet adoption has ramped up and will continue to grow by almost 50% annually.2

Mobility gives enterprises and their employees the freedom to be productive beyond the office’s walls, but it’s not without its shortcomings.  Ease of setup and security are the two biggest concerns, for businesses and employees alike.

ReportPlus is a self-service business intelligence tool that gives users secure access to enterprise data and allows the creation of reports and dashboards on the iPad.  The simple deployment and intuitive user interface eliminates any IT resource drain, as time spent configuring devices and training is minimal.  ReportPlus empowers users to access critical information to help them make informed business decisions, no matter where they’re working.  It is a noteworthy business application built for the tablet movement.

Whether we are in a post-PC era, where acutely portable devices like tablet computers and mobile phones eclipse the personal computer in terms of usability, convenience, and popularity, tablet devices are here to stay.  While they bring with them new challenges – security, policy, support, and so on – they also provide a promiseland of opportunities.  Once enterprises determine their approach to tablet devices, they outfit their employees with portable, user-friendly business supercenters.  Applications like ReportPlus empower businesses and their employees to be completely, securely, intelligently productive from a workplace that is increasingly 24/7 and increasingly mobile.

Download our White Paper to find out how ReportPlus fosters self-service BI form your tablet.


  1. McKinsey & Company.  BYOD: From company-issued to employee-owned devices.