Top 5 ASP.NET Developer Blogs You Should Follow

DevToolsGuy / Sunday, March 3, 2013

Any good .NET developer knows that the web is packed full of useful news, tips, and code examples. A lot of this content can be found in blogs; here we present 5 such sites that you really should be reading:

  • ScottGu’s blog:
    • Scott Guthrie (offical site) is a corporate vice president in the Microsoft developer division. He developed ASP.NET with Mark Anders, and as a result his blog carries considerable weight in the community. Rightly so! For someone so senior he posts pretty regularly. Content mainly relates to product announcements for the tools and apps he is responsible for, but there is always something interesting to read. Well worth a look.
  • Scott Hanselman:
    • Another MS employee, and another Scott. Scott Hanselman works in the web platform team at Microsoft, and his blog covers a wide variety of topics.  Expect to find posts on .NET, web technology, and the joys of remote working.
  • Ode To Code:
    • This blog is run by a .NET consultancy company and is updated regularly with practical code examples and tutorials. A really good blog for those wanting to improve their coding skills.
    • Not a single blog as such, but a community of blogs from a huge number of contributing authors. This site features some famous names (Scott Guthrie’s blog, above, is hosted here) as well as lots of authors posting tips and tricks from their day-to-day experiences. Well worth a casual read; even more valuable to search if you have a particular problem or issue to solve.
  • Fear and Loathing
    • This blog is written by Bil Simser, a solutions architect specializing in .NET and SharePoint. A good read for anyone wanting to know more about .NET and SharePoint, this blog also offers an interesting mix of technical and nontechnical articles, all written in a really readable style. Also features some great Windows Phone content.

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