Top Cheat Sheets for Developers

DevToolsGuy / Thursday, February 27, 2014

Remembering all of the command types for different development programs can be a monumental task, even for seasoned devs. Luckily, there are some cheat sheets available to help users if they can't remember certain functions in a pinch.

As any dev knows, HTML is a popular language used to create web pages and content for Internet browsers. To help devs that need a quick reference, has a
helpful cheat sheet for developers using HTML. The guide includes commands for various tasks, such as body attributes and tags for headers and text. The PSACake cheat sheet also offers devs a list of how to create HTML links, graphics, tables, frames and forms.

JavaScript is a common computer programming language used for a variety of tasks, including gaming and desktop applications. Developers looking for JavaScript cheat sheets should definitely consider one created by AddedBytes. The guide was designed to
highlight the functions of the programming language and references for common expressions, XMLHttpRequest objects, JavaScript in HTML and Event Handlers. Each section of the cheat sheet also includes a brief description of the accompanying guide.

SQL Server
SQL Server is a relational database management system created by Microsoft. Developers searching for an effective cheat sheet for this solution should view the SQL Server TSQL CheatSheet from Pete Freitag. The report highlights
how developers can add or rename columns, add foreign keys, rename tables, create indexes and set default values for columns, among other important tasks.

Windows Commands
The Windows operating system is a staple throughout the corporate landscape, making it a logical platform for developers to focus on. An cheat sheet provides devs with many
mission-critical commands for Windows. The report arranges commands alphabetically, making it easy for users to quickly find exactly what they are looking for without performing tedious searches.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used to describe the formatting of documents that include markup language. A Pete Freitag cheat sheet offers devs
commands for many tasks related to CSS, including padding, margins and colors for text and backgrounds. The report also details commands for text, including upper- and lower-case letters, italics, underlines and capitalization.

Developers may not always remember particular commands and how they relate to every programming language, but there are plenty of useful cheat sheets available to make life easier and potentially help devs recall what they may have once learned but have now forgotten.