What Is A UX Consultant?

DevToolsGuy / Friday, January 25, 2013

Here at Infragistics we offer lots of exciting UI products, products that we think really help our customers build beautiful interfaces. But did you also know we offer a UX consultancy service? We offer training in all areas of product and interface design, and can even build out your ideas using our team of experts and developers.

For those that haven’t come across it before, the term “UX Consultant” can be confusing. It is a fairly new role, relatively speaking, and can mean different things to different people.

Put simply a “User Experience Consultant” is concerned with the parts of an application or website that you can see, that an end user interacts with. This means the interface, the layout, the content, and any interactive elements. UX Consultants will focus on making a site easy to use, or an application work in the way users would expect and find logical.

This work involves numerous disciplines. Lots of UX Consultants come from a graphic design background, where they are used to working on the visual elements of a project. Some come from the other end of the spectrum, a development background. In between there are a number of different skills. Things like information architecture (the use and layout of content and space), usability testing (put applications through their paces in real environments, and content creation.

Here at Infragistics we have a great team of UX consultants, backed by our product range. Why not find out more and let us know if we can help you on your project?