• On Demand Data Loading in XamTree

    The use of hierarchical data in applications often requires loading data on demand. This is very typical problem, especially when using WCF services from Silverlight applications.

    Infragistics Silverlight controls as XamTree, XamDataTree, XamGrid offer an easy way to visualize these data. This article provides an example of the use of Infragistics XamTree with such data as the data loading is done in 2 different ways…

    • Fri, Jan 28 2011
  • Using Visual Studio LightSwitch Applications with WCF RIA Services


    LightSwitch is primarily targeted at developers who need to rapidly product business applications.
    Visual Studio LightSwitch application could  connect to a variety of data sources. For now it can connect to database servers, SharePoint Lists and WCF RIA Services .
    Connection with WCF RIA Services requires some settings that are not "out of the box".  Despite this it is a very often expected scenario and developers…

    • Fri, Jan 21 2011
  • MyWorldMaps in Detail

    Myworldmaps (http://reporting.myworldmaps.net) is a Silverlight client ,providing statistical information from Worldmaps  (http://www.myworldmaps.net ) visualized with components of Infragistics. MyWorldMaps provides various methods of statistics based on the users browser agents and geographic distribution.
    Especially attractive is the visualization of multidimensional data using the "Stats Distribution". This user control…

    • Tue, Jan 4 2011