• Using PhoneGap in Windows Phone 8 Applications

    This blog is about how to start with PhoneGap and Windows Phone 8.

    In my previous blog: “Using PhoneGap in Windows Store Applications” we talked about how to start with Windows Store apps development  for Windows 8 & RT using PhoneGap. Maybe some of you were curious why you need to use PhoneGap for Windows 8 after it has support for WinJS. The advantage of using PhoneGap e when you want an application to be compiled for…

    • Wed, Jan 9 2013
  • Using PhoneGap in Windows 8 Store Applications

    In a series of blogs you will learn about how to use PhoneGap with the new cutting edge Microsoft platforms – Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. We will talk how to start and how to use PhoneGap with popular web client frameworks like jQuery Mobile and Infragistics Ignite UI.

    What is PhoneGap?

    PhoneGap (previously called Apache Callback, now Apache Cordova) is an open-source mobile development framework produced by Nitobi…

    • Sun, Jan 6 2013