• SharePoint Saturday Bulgaria 2013–Event Recap


    On June 22 was held the first in Bulgaria Conference SharePoint Saturday. SharePoint Saturday Bulgaria 2013 is the largest SharePoint event in Bulgaria (and in South Eastern Europe) with more than 100 participants.


    What is SharePoint Saturday?


    What is SharePoint Saturday is:

    • SharePoint Saturday is an educational, informative & lively day filled with sessions from respected SharePoint professionals & MVPs, covering…

    • Sun, Jun 30 2013
  • First Impressions from Windows 8.1

    Microsoft on Wednesday released a preview version of  Windows 8.1, offering some important improvements – especially in navigation  where people had some issues with the company’s flagship operating system.

    At a conference kick-off in San Francisco, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer acknowledged that the company pushed hard to get people to adopt a radical new tile-based “Modern” user interface in Windows 8. Microsoft is now…

    • Sat, Jun 29 2013
  • Infragistics Friends Group Presentation: Cloud Computing - Technology Evolution - Event Recap

    Infragistics Friends group (Bulgarian BI PASS Chapter) with the help of Infragistics Inc.  organized a presentation on the following topic: Cloud Computing - Technology Evolution.


    The event was held on Wednesday, June 5th at Infragistics Bulgaria Office, 110B, Simeonovsko Shosse Bul., Sofia, Bulgaria.


    Speaker was Miroslav Lessev . Miroslav Lessev is a PhD candidate at Faculty of Economics and Business Administration…

    • Thu, Jun 6 2013
  • How to Build Android Applications with Ignite UI Mobile Controls and Nomad for Visual Studio


    Developers would like to use one development environment to build PhoneGap / Cordova hybrid applications for different platforms.

    For now programmers should use different development environments for different platforms:  Visual Studio for Windows Phone 7.x / 8.x and Windows Store applications, Android Developer Tools for Android applications, Xcode for iOS apps.

    Using Nomad for Visual Studio allows you to create cross…

    • Tue, Jun 4 2013
  • How to Start with VS Nomad and jQuery Mobile

    Developers often want to use one development environment, but to build applications for different platforms. This case is especially  relevant when creating hybrid mobile apps with frameworks like PhoneGap

    In general developers should use Visual Studio for Windows Phone 7.x / 8.x and Windows Store applications, Android Developer Tools for Android applications. If you want to build apps for iOS you need Xcode development…

    • Sun, Jun 2 2013
  • Creating Windows Phone Applications with Ignite UI Mobile Controls and PhoneGap

    Developers often look for solutions that use the same components for different platforms - WEB, mobile applications ( Windows Phone, Android, iOS ), Windows Store applications etc. This article offers a practical example of how it can be used with one of the most popular packages for WEB client components - Ignite UI and the most popular platform for hybrid mobile applications - Apache Cordova / PhoneGap

    On April, 30…

    • Sat, Jun 1 2013