• How to Customize Ignite UI Doughnut Chart Control

    The igDoughnutChart displays data similar to a pie chart and can display multiple sets of data around a common center. With the Ignite UI Doughnut chart you can easily display multiple rings at the same time, and are capable of binding the same or different collections. Usually, this chart is used to show categorical statistics expressed in percentages. It exposes various options, allowing you to customize its appearance…

    • Mon, Jan 26 2015
  • How to Customize Ignite UI Bullet Graph Control

    The Ignite UI Bullet Graph (igBulletGraph) control is an Ignite UI component which allows for visualizing data in the form of a bullet graph. Linear by design, it provides a simple and concise view of a primary measure or measures compared against a scale and, optionally, some other measure. This control is similar to the Linear Gauge but apart from the current value it also shows a target value which can serve as a point…

    • Mon, Jan 19 2015
  • Theming and Customization jQuery Date Picker Control


    The igDatePicker allows you to have an input field with a dropdown calendar and a specified date format display. The igDatePicker control supports localization by recognizing different regional options exposed from the browser and also supports validation.

    The igDatePicker control extends the functionality of the igDateEditor control and requires the jQuery UI Datepicker script to be included in the page (jquery.ui.datepicker…

    • Fri, Jan 16 2015
  • Theming and Customizing of Ignite UI jQuery Map Control


    Ignite UI Map Control (igMap) is very easy to use widget providing  strong mapping functionalities

    The underlying rendering engine of the Ignite UI Map (igMap) is the same as the Data Chart, so in addition to a wide variety of tile sources, you can also bind & render thousands to millions of data points on the map.  Bing, CloudMade, OpenStreet, ESRI Shape Files and custom tiles are supported.

    This blog is focused mainly…

    • Mon, Jan 12 2015