• Common Business Scenarios with Infragistics UltraDataChart

    Infragistics UltraDataChart Control has been engineered to dramatically simplify the way in which you visually present information to your end-users. Optimized for both performance and flexibility, the WinForms DataChart is a highly customizable control library which can be leveraged in a nearly endless number of business scenarios, be it real-time charting or analysis of multi-dimensional data.

    The updated Windows Forms…

    • Thu, Feb 19 2015
  • How to deal with multiple data on the data chart (how to create dashboards)

    Ignite UI is the Infragistics jQuery & HTML5 based framework. With Ignite UI, developers can create next generation, browser based, touch-enabled tablet, mobile & desktop experiences. In this article we will look at how we create dashboards applications using this data visualization components framework. The samples will be mainly focused on Ignite UI Data Chart (igDataChart) and different options to use different…

    • Sun, Feb 1 2015