CEE MVP Open Days 2014–Event Recap

[Infragistics] Mihail Mateev / Tuesday, June 24, 2014

CEE MVP Open Days 2014 was held on June 18 – 22, 2014 in Moscow and Rybinsk, Russia.

CEE MVP Open Days is annual event for Microsoft MVP Award Program members who live in Central and Eastern Europe.


The program included three events

MVP Day in Microsoft Russia, Moscow/Russia June 18th – public event where MVPs from across CEE will present technical sessions for local technical community in Moscow, Russia. It is first “community for community” event in Microsoft Russia, so the MVPs will contribute to it-community ecosystem in Russia – around 300 attendees.

CEE MVP Open Days 2014, Rybinsk, Russia June 19-20th – the conference itself, the special event for MVPs, where all the content are confidential and under NDA – around 50 Microsoft MVPs

MVP Upper Volga Tour, Uglich/Kalyazin/Russia, June 21-22st - special networking activity for MVPs who wants to participate voluntary


Infragistics was presented by me as a speaker – CEE MVP Open Days in Rybinsk.



  • There was 17 presentations in 3 tracks in Moscow
  • Around 300 attendees in Moscow – MVP Day .
  • There was 16 presentations in 2 tracks in Rybinsk – CEE MVP Open Days
  • Around 50 MVPs from 8 countries  (Russia, Belarus, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic,  Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria)


Only Microsoft MVPs


Infragistics participation in the event:

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