Infragistics Mobile Controls CTP

[Infragistics] Mihail Mateev / Monday, April 18, 2011

During the week of April 18 to 22 comes new Infragistics  NetAdvantage for Windows Phone CTP , which includes new components of Infragistics for Windows Phone 7. Samples Browser can be downloaded from Windows Phone 7 Market Place .

There are nine group controls in Infragistics Mobile CTP:

  • DataChart (XamDataChart )
  • BulletGraph (XamBulletGraph)
  • Gauges (XamRadialGauge, XamLinearGauge, XamSegmentedDisplay)
  • Map (XamMap)
  • Barcodes (XamBarcode)
  • InfoBox (XamInfoBox)
  • Windows (XamWindow)
  • MessageBox (XamMessageBox)
  • Slider (XamSlider)

Samples Browser could be downloaded also from Windows Phone 7 Market Place .


Infragistics Mobile CTP Samples Browser


Infragistics XamDataChart for Windows Mobile is a high performance fast chart component,
that has most of the features of XamDataChart for Silverlight and WPF, including specific features like multi-touch gestures to propose a great multi-touch support for this component.

XamDataChart supports many different types of series like:

  • Category Series (Bar Series, Column Series, Line Series, Spline Series etc.).
  • Scatter Series
  • Bubble Series
  • Radial Series
  • Financial Series
  • Polar Series

XamDataChart has great performance with  large amounts of data. It supports very good visualization of live data with nice animations.
DataChart offers easy and flexible styling of all its components.

XamDataChart supports legend customizing – custom legend templates,  multiple legends, legend docking

XamDataChart Pie Chart supports nice animations.

Polar and Radial Series demonstrates support of the latest Silverlight/WPF  XamDataChart features.

Financial Series are on of the most useful features of the XamDataChart for Windows Phone.


XamBulletGraph is used to present meaningful information in little space.

It supports featured measure, qualitative ranges, tickmarks , custom labels, horizontal and vertical orientation.


NetAdvantage for Windows Phone includes a set of gauges:

  • Radial Gauges (XamRadialGauge component)
  • Linear Gauges (XamLinearGauge component)
  • Digital Gauges (XamSegmentedDisplay component)

All gauges  maintain excellent interactivity, consistent with multi-touch display.

Radial and Linear Ranges.

XamRadialGauge needle dragging.


XamMap for Windows Phone is a nice rich map component. It supports shapefiles, SQL Server spatial data and tile sources including BingMaps, OpenStreetMap and CloudMade.

Geo imagery data includes support for BingMaps, OpenStreetMap and CloudMade.

XamMap component could maintain data from shapefiles. This control is the first map component for Windows Phone that supports shapefiles, SQL Server Spatial and geo imagery data.


The Infragistics Windows Phone barcode controls manages the details of barcode imaging for you, allowing you to easily embed data in barcode format throughout your Windows Phone applications.


XamInfoBox component proposes great looking pointers to help users understand easily Windows Phone application.


XamWindow for Windows Phone is a component, designed to replicate the functionality of a traditional, standard  dialog window. The XamWindow allows you to popup both modal and non-modal dialog windows within your Windows Phone applications easily.


XamMessageBox for Windows Phone is a component that proposes similar to well known MessageBox functionalities. This controls offers confirmation Yes/No and Don't Show Again, implemented via commands to be possible to handle user confirmation.


The XamSlider family of controls you can give your users a reacher editing experience. From simple sliders with one thumb to range sliders that can have two or more, from numbers to dates, and from generic base class to the specific data types you need, xamSlider has it all.

XamSlider proposes the first multi-thumb range slider for Windows Phone.

XamSlider allows awesome styling for many styling points.

XamSlider thumbs can be impressive styled very quickly and easily