PhoneGap 2.4.0 for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Store Applications

[Infragistics] Mihail Mateev / Friday, February 22, 2013

In February 2013 was released PhoneGap 2.4.0.  You could download the latest PhoneGap 2.4.x - or or   PhoneGap project from the Github : This article is a short update about new features and improvements in Cordova 2.4.0 compared to version 2.3.0 for Windows Phone and Windows Store applications. PhoneGap updates for iOS could be found here. Cordova 2.4.0 updates for Android are available in this article. Most of changes and new features are related to iOS. General release notes for Cordova 2.4.0 are available here.


Cordova 2.4.0 for Windows Store Applications.

In the article “Using PhoneGap in Windows 8 Store Applications”  you can see details how to start with PhoneGap for Windows 8.  Unlike the version 2.3.0 last Cordova 2.4.0 has no issues with templates and you can export it without problems from the template project: [phonegap-2.4.0 path]\windows8\template\ .






Cordova 2.4.0 for Windows Phone 8  Applications.


PhoneGap for Windows Phone 8 offers two pre-built templates: 'Stand-Alone' and ‘Full’ templates. More about Cordova pre-built templates you can find in this blog about “Using PhoneGap in Windows Phone 8 Applications”. Unlike PhoneGap 2.3.0 in version 2.4.0 pre-built templates are correctly set up and can be used. You need not to create a new project template.






Conclusions: PhoneGap 2.4.0 is a more stable version than its predecessor. In this version are fixed all issues related to the Windows 8 and WP 8 project templates. This version contains mainly updates and new features for iOS. API for WIndows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 is more consistent: namespaces and references are now closer. For WP 7 WP7CordovaClassLib is renamed to WPCordovaClassLib (like in PhoneCap for WP 8). I strongly recommend that you use the latest version of PhoneGap 2.4.0.


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