Analysis Services Made Simple with ReportPlus

Mobile Man / Monday, August 8, 2016

Extracting a report from Microsoft Analysis Services can be a cumbersome experience: not only do you need to configure your server, but you must also configure a folder in Report Manager and configure the model you’ll be using. If you’re using Report Builder through a browser, you are stuck with an .RDL file, which you can only open using Report Builder. Try opening it with anything else, and you’re out of luck.

Once more, ReportPlus steps up to the plate to offer a quick and easy alternative. With the new ReportPlus Desktop, you do not need any other server-side configuration of third-party applications; simply configure Analysis Services with only three clicks and gain access to your data in a heartbeat.

No extra steps, no server-side configuration

Adding your Analysis Services data sources into ReportPlus Desktop is as easy as adding a spreadsheet. Just enter your server details, your credentials, and access your data in the usual way.

Additional sorting for Analysis Services

Did you know that you can also Sort by caption? This means that you can not only apply filters and sort your information, but you can also define whether the filter will be applied to your dimensions’ labels or the corresponding values.

To access this option, simply access the dimension’s Sorting options in the Filters, Columns or Rows placeholders.

Using Dynamic Global Filtering with Analysis Services

While Sorting by Caption might come in handy, one of the biggest advantages of using SSAS in any dashboard is, by far, the ability to create dynamic Global Filters.

With Analysis Services, there are two additional fields for you:

  • A field to select which data will be displayed.

  • A field to set your filter with data for measure.

What are you waiting for?

We’ve only covered a few advantages of empowering Analysis Services data with ReportPlus Desktop, but there’s much more.

Interested in finding out more about ReportPlus? Sign up for our ReportPlus Desktop free trial now, or contact us to see the wonders it can work for you and your team!