Building a SalesForce Dashboard with ReportPlus

Mobile Man / Saturday, June 28, 2014


More companies are embracing cloud-based solutions to improve operational efficiency and boost employee collaboration. Cloud computing tools such as SalesForce are effective options for businesses of all sizes looking to improve their marketing, sales and other operations.

With so much data being sent, received, and stored on their systems, firms likely want to create dashboards and reports based on these resources. Not every company is a tech savant, but they do not have to be, thanks to easy-to-use solutions such as ReportPlus from Infragistics.

ReportPlus includes an intuitive interface that allows users to create data visualizations based on their companies' most important metrics. Since IT departments should be called to address only the most important tasks, ReportPlus makes all of this possible without the need to include the IT department, thus making dashboards and reporting available for even the less tech-savvy crowd.

The days of productivity being relegated to the office appear to be waning. An agile workforce can now collaborate without being restricted to a meeting room, tweaking content wherever they may be.

In addition to supporting more cloud-based operations, firms are also allowing employees unprecedented access to corporate content with bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives. Workers can now access documents anywhere, regardless of location, if companies have cloud-based environments in place. With ReportPlus, personnel can use their iPhones, iPads or iPod Touch devices to gain insight into data, allowing them to make sound decisions anywhere, anytime.

Any firm that relies on SalesForce as a critical component of its operations no longer has to go through an extensive process to take advantage of their data. ReportPlus is the perfect solution to promote a collaborative workspace. The tool makes it easy for anyone to share dashboards and reports through channels such as PowerPoint, email and others.