Mobile Challenges in the Field: Construction Industry

Mobile Man / Friday, September 18, 2015

In the construction industry, the recipe for success is made up of many different ingredients. There are far more variables to be dealt with compared to other industries, and can therefore lead to a level of unpredictability, resulting in project delays, pauses and extensions. So finding a solution that can help with any such problems is hugely important.

This increased complexity that comes with managing projects makes communications for a site manager far from simple. Formulating plans with stakeholders, surveyors and architects before, during and after the project, hiring contractors, preparing the site and checking requirements and regulations are just some of the tasks required. This makes communication, organization and management all-the-more important to keep things running smoothly, and yet the industry lack many of the tools and platforms that you would find in a typically ‘standard’ office.

This is largely due to one reason - a reliance on mobile. The nature of construction work means it is almost impossible to set up a permanent office space. This means workers need a platform that can perform to the level of an on-site digital workspace, but one they can take with them wherever they go.

Introducing SharePlus

SharePlus allows users to connect to their organization’s Microsoft SharePoint or Office 365 environment from any device, anytime, anywhere. It is the perfect portable solution for any firm that currently uses SharePoint or Office 365. An intuitive user experience allows users to edit and share company files, lists, images or documents and log in to email. Users are able to make changes to project documentation when offline, and a host of security features mean you can feel safe whilst doing so.

SharePlus acts as a central hub for all your projects; improving organization, collaboration and communication. Let’s take a look at some of the areas in which SharePlus can make construction workers lives easier and more efficient.

Location Services Metadata

There is no arguing that managing a construction project is a difficult task. With multiple sites and numerous suppliers, stakeholders and foremen all uploading data to your SharePoint site, it can be hard to keep track of every small detail. Location Services Metadata allows you to understand when and where any updates were made, where equipment and materials are located, giving you a clearer oversight of the project as a whole.


It’s the age-old saying but it still rings true: time is money. The sharing and access of knowledge and information speeds up any process, and powerful search helps find the right documents fast. Search features in SharePlus let you find what you need - whether it’s email, people or PDFs - quickly and cleanly.


In the construction industry, decisions need to be made reactively, and you want to stay in touch with them as and when they are made. The Social Module lets you discover and share ideas, keep track of your colleagues and their work, start conversations and access your personal SharePoint storage. A timeline tab provides you with a constantly updating newsfeed consisting of the activities and posts of others and yourself. This means that whether you’re on site, in head office or from outside the organization, communication with anyone is at your fingertips, and the perfect solution for the fast and fluid nature of construction.

Coordinate On-Site Meetings

When there is a lot at stake, it’s important for decisions to be made with everyone’s agreement. Construction firms require the ability to schedule meetings with all partners instantly, and SharePlus makes this possible. Using a tablet or smartphone, on-site personnel are able to sync on meeting times remotely, and never be left ‘out of the loop’. 


There’s no point in having the ability to access your data on-the-go just to see it all disappear when a tablet or smartphone accidentally goes missing. Your commercial projects and sensitive data are fully protected by SharePlus, with state of the art built-in hardware encryption. You’ll never have to worry about your work falling into the hands of competitors.

Your building blocks for success

Mobile and agile working is now the driving force of many modern workplaces. This is particularly true in the construction industry, whose need is even greater due to the nature of their work. Being productive shouldn’t rely on whether you’re sitting at a desk, and with SharePlus, even an industry as diverse as construction are given the tools to effectively respond to the many challenges they face.

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