ReportPlus Desktop 1.1.128 Release Notes

Mobile Man / Monday, December 5, 2016

We've just shipped some great new features with ReportPlus Desktop, Version 1.1.128! Thanks to your continuous feedback we're improving the product every day with the goal of making it easier for you to derive insights from your data.

What's new with this release: A brand new data visualization type is joining the family - the Tree Map, we've also enhanced the Heat Map, added SharePoint dashboards repository support for Enterprise customers, and much more! See below:


  • A brand new data visualization - the Tree Map View
  • Improved Heat Map, now with the option to assign weight to data points
  • SharePoint dashboards repository support for Enterprise clients
  • An option to remove shared dashboards or folders from your View
  • Added a WinForms SDK Sample for developers

Fixed Issues:

  • Exporting to PDF and PPT now displays the correct loading indicator
  • Made sure that all "?" in the Parameters tab in Widget Edit Mode lead to their respective section in the Help Documentation
  • Going back from Full Screen mode leaves the app window in the latest window size before Full Screen was triggered
  • Ensured data source name consistency across the ReportPlus platforms
  • Removed the Start Color setting from Financial Series data visualizations (Candlestick and OHLC) as their colors are predefined for ease of use
  • A yellow alert icon was added to the warning pop-up appearing when Transpose feature is used
  • The Image View now hides the previous image while a new one is being loaded during global filtering
  • Searching for longer text strings doesn't create overlap with the "x" button in the search box any more
  • X-axis labels now stay visible when tile is maximized
  • Negative data in the Funnel visualization now gets trimmed
  • The Formatting options for tabular summary fields in the Rows/Columns pivot box are not visible now
  • Cleared some errors when connecting to Oracle as a data source
  • Fixed application freeze when selecting a chart type "StackColumnChart" or "StackAreaChart" when axis labels are in Japanese language
  • The MySQL data source now visualizes your data regardless if there is a space in the table/view name
  • The Local Filters panel is now correctly collapsed and all values are updated accordingly when a Widget gets minimized
  • Any dashboard connected to local files and exported from ReportPlus Desktop is now able to load the data with ReportPlus Mobile for iOS
  • Pinch/Stretch gestures now work for chart and map visualizations
  • Edit and Delete buttons in Dashboard Filters appear properly when there is an error with multi-line text
  • Fixed the errors arising when importing Google Analytics dashboards created with ReportPlus Mobile for iOS into ReportPlus Desktop
  • Navigating to dashboards in backward compatibility mode functions correctly now
  • Google Analytics authentication dialog now appears correctly when canceling Edit on a dashboard created with ReportPlus Mobile for iOS
  • rplus file export is handled correctly in the case of missing local files
  • Correct value is now returned when drilling in a Date field
  • Configuration key "Features/VersionHandle.Desktop/Enabled" value is now taken into account
  • In-memory data source is correctly applied to Global Filter data source

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The ReportPlus Team