What’s New in ReportPlus?

Mobile Man / Friday, July 8, 2016

This is a HUGE update for ReportPlus! Most importantly we are releasing the first version of ReportPlus Desktop, but first let’s get a little background on where we have been and where we are going with ReportPlus.

Our mission with ReportPlus has always been to help the modern worker gain insights from their data where and when they need it with true self-service that helps you get answers in minutes or hours (not days, weeks, or even months). This led us to build one of the most powerful mobile business intelligence applications that allowed you to connect to over 20 different data sources and create visualizations and dashboards right from your iPad or iPhone. 

Since ReportPlus was released over 3 years ago as a mobile-first data discovery solution, it has been translated to 10 different languages and has been downloaded over 150,000 times by customers all over the world. Those customers have left over 160 reviews with an average rating of 4.5/5 stars in the App Store – and ReportPlus was even featured by Apple in the App Store as a leading app for analyzing data on your mobile device.

It’s been used in industries such as operations, retail, manufacturing, finance, and by roles such as sales, marketing, operations, and many more.  We have heard from those customers that a big differentiator between our product and other competitors like Tableau, Power BI, and RoamBI was that their mobile experiences were strictly for viewing prebuilt dashboards that were built on desktop. If you needed answers while you were traveling or on the go, you would need to have your desktop with you to gain those insights – that’s not very self-service oriented.

“I have been able to create reports directly from remote databases like MySQL. ReportPlus is going to be the most valuable app on your iPad." -  App store review

True Self-Service BI

ReportPlus was the first business intelligence solution to offer true self-service, allowing business users to ask new questions from anywhere at anytime without the need for IT or for a server side component. Our competitor’s solutions, while powerful, were built in a desktop world; but the problem is we now live in the mobile world. As the behavior of business users evolves and Moore’s laws continues to advance mobile technology, the most important platform for creating and viewing dashboards is quickly becoming your mobile device. Any business person evaluating self-service BI solutions in 2016 and beyond should choose a tool that’s built for the way they work today.

Are you ready for the future of BI?

While we continue to be at the forefront of mobile business intelligence, we also are responsive to the fact that not everyone is running their business from an iPad. So, today we are excited announce our first release of ReportPlus for Windows Desktop!

ReportPlus Desktop is about to become the most powerful app on your desktop

ReportPlus Desktop is a touch-enabled business intelligence solution that allows you to create and view your dashboards from your Windows device. Our goal with ReportPlus desktop was to build an app that has the same user-friendly experience of gaining insights without IT within minutes to hours.

We have also updated the look and feel of ReportPlus and made some UX improvements to our iOS and Android apps to make your lives a little easier. This redesign also added some great features we talk about more below.

  • Create once and view anywhere:  If you are a pro subscriber or if you have started a trial, all your dashboards are synced across your devices.

  • Organize your dashboards in folders: We have made it easier to organize your dashboards and create folders that can be shared with your whole team.
  • Share securely in the cloud: Improved experience of sharing dashboards and entire folders with dashboards with others in one action.

  • Link dashboards:  Link a dashboard to another dashboard with additional details for a more immersive experience.
  • Support for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM: You can now pull in data from Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM and gain real insights from your sales data.
  • Mark your favorite dashboards: For quick and easy access
  • Multitasking on iOS: Check your email or edit that excel file at the same time that you are viewing a dashboard in ReportPlus (iOS only).
  • Secure your dashboards: with TouchID and a passcode support on iOS
  • 3D touch support: for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus quickly pull up your recently viewed Dashboards or get started on your next dashboard !

  • View recents
  • Search your dashboards
  • And many more little nuggets of awesomeness!

For existing ReportPlus Pro users, you get ReportPlus desktop for free! We have included it part of your existing subscription. Sign in and download it here

For Infragistic Ultimate and Professional customers, we have include a free subscription for ReportPlus in your Accounts and Downloads section. You also have the ability to embed ReportPlus dashboards into your own iOS, desktop, and web applications with ReportPlus Embedded (additional charges apply, learn more here). 

For new customers, simply start a 30 day free trial and download all the latest versions of ReportPlus for iOS, Desktop, and Android. Then check out our new On-Demand Learning Page where we have added a ton of learning resources including over 35 bite-sized tutorial videos to help you get started with ReportPlus iOS and Desktop as well as our user guides, developer documentation, architectural diagrams, and much more.

For larger teams, we have formally introduced ReportPlus Server which allows you to deploy ReportPlus on-premise for your whole organization.

I told you this release was huge! So don’t waste any time: Get started today and please send us any feedback you have by tapping “Settings” and then “Feedback & Support” on the app home screen. We hope you enjoy this new release!