ReportPlus Desktop Release Notes – Volume Release 1.0.1231.0

Mobile Man / Thursday, August 25, 2016

ReportPlus Desktop Version 1.0.1231.0 is here with the following enhancements and fixes:


  • Exporting dashboard as .rplus file now prompts the user to include their local data files into .rplus file

Fixed issues

  • Widget cannot be maximized after flipped to grid
  • The selected theme in the themes chooser is not correct
  • MySQL® data source editor suggests wrong default port 1433 as the correct one is 3306
  • Opening a widget with Facebook data source in edit mode does not show selected account and selected metric period
  • Widget General Settings help navigates to incorrect location
  • Sync progress message shows incorrect information about the number of the items being synced
  • After opening a dashboard shared with me the Rename option become visible in dashboard's thumbnail context menu
  • Back button returns to dashboard selection instead of minimizing the widget
  • Bar chart markers are too big on cultures with "," decimal separator
  • Incorrect values are shown for dynamic tabular global filer

Build 1.0.1231.0 - Aug-25-2016