ReportPlus Desktop Release Notes – Volume Release 1.0.1275.0

Mobile Man / Wednesday, September 28, 2016

ReportPlus Desktop Version 1.0.1275.0 is here with the following enhancements and fixes:


  • Sync favorite dashboards across devices
  • Sync recent dashboards across devices
  • Raise data rows limit from 50K to 100K

Fixed Issues:

  • R+ Desktop does not display result in calculated field for dashboard created in iOS
  • The Fraction Digits formatting setting is not applied to Pie, Doughnut and Funnel visualizations' labels
  • Sign Out and General Settings are hidden when the cloud storage is not allowed in the configuration
  • Vertical Bar Charts can't display all data labels correctly when there are negative values
  • Clicking a minimized widget when in edit mode maximizes the widget instead of selecting it
  • An exception is thrown upon trying to drill in a chart with a time aggregation
  • Broken links to documentation topics

Build 1.0.1275.0 - Sep-27-2016