ReportPlus Release Notes - Version 1.1.346.0

Mobile Man / Tuesday, April 4, 2017

ReportPlus Desktop Version 1.1.346.0 is here:


  • Added percentage distribution option for stacked series charts
  • Pie, Doughnut and Funnel chart labels can now be configured to display value, percentage or both
  • ReportPlus SDK item templates are now available
  • An ability to drill in data in Grid View has been added
  • Chart visualization settings’ improvements

Fixed issues:

  • Dashboard title and buttons no longer overlap in the application's header when the window size is very small.
  • The conditional formatting icon is now displayed in the last row of a Grid View even when grand totals are disabled.
  • Selecting "Custom Range" if the previous rule has been "All Time" for a date filter no longer results in an error.
  • Calculated fields added in the Values pivot box, the formula for which uses other value summarization fields, now work as expected.
  • An issue with non-working filters for calculated fields in certain cases has now been resolved.
  • Calculated measures now work correctly with fields in Columns.
  • Radial chart visualization now plots all data points regardless of the size of the widget.
  • The upgrading link on the ReportPlus Desktop’s onboarding view now works as expected.
  • The Show Legends option in the chart visualization settings for stacked series charts now works.
  • The dynamic filtering option for SSAS quick filters is now enabled by default.
  • An exception is no longer thrown when a widget with quick filters configured is maximized.
  • Loading a dashboard with embedded local data source now extracts the file in the location specified by the DataFilesLocation instead of the default data folder.
  • Grand Total value no longer disappears when you drill in an ad-hoc hierarchy.
  • Calculated fields’ labels are now correctly applied.
  • An issue with a chart visualization not being rendered when an .rplus files is opened using ReportPlus Embedded has been resolved.
  • An exception is no longer being thrown when a dashboard that contains filter item is being maximized.
  • Values missing in a dashboard created using the iOS version of the ReportPlus product when the dashboard is opened in Desktop.
  • Parsing a CSV data source no longer trims spaces in column headers and data values.
  • Removing some obsolete properties from the data source model.

We hope you’ll enjoy our latest release!