Top Enterprise Mobility Events in 2015

Mobile Man / Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Paul Carter, CEO of Global Wireless Solutions, hit the nail on the head when he said “we are officially living in a mobile-first world”. The extent to which mobile plays a role in our lives is difficult to measure. Maybe the simplest way to gain an understanding of its magnitude is by asking yourself, ‘when was the last time I went a day without using my mobile?’

If you’re honest, it’s probably only a few hours at most. And while browsing social networks and checking emails may be the most popular and humblest form of interaction, the role that mobile plays in our lives has much more significance and substance. Did you see the latest news? Check CNN. Want to know how your stock is performing? Browse the markets. Forgot to get that important birthday present? ‘Click and collect’ will save the day.

Never has information been so readily available and easy to access. This not only relates to our personal lives but has a distinct impact on the enterprise and how we all work. We can prepare a presentation, edit a document, chat to colleagues remotely, save that new idea, set up a meeting and much more. At Infragistics we know the importance that mobile as a whole - be it apps, UX, platforms, wearables, design, testing etc. - has in today's’ world. As a result we like to keep up to speed with everything going on in our community.

And with events often leading the way with new ideas, latest news and innovative thinking, we wanted to share with you 4 enterprise mobility events that we think you should look out for in 2015.

The Mobile Show Middle East 2015

12 - 13 May, Dubai

One of the biggest events on our list, The Mobile Show Middle East is “Where leaders and pioneers of mobile technology meet to explore radical new ideas”. There’s a number of topics on the agenda, from ‘Apps and Content’, ‘Platforms and Devices’ to pure ‘Enterprise Mobility’ and ‘Infrastructure and Security’. Focusing ‘on everything the mobile industry needs to know’, this 2-day conference is aimed at developers, device manufacturers, Heads of, regulators, digital marketers, mobile consultants and more.

The stats are pretty impressive too. With over 10,000 attendees, 250 exhibitors, 100 VIPs from telcos, enterprise and government lined up and an estimated 300 facilitated buyer sessions, it’s sure to be a great event which aims to help those attending discover the latest in mobile solutions which can benefit their businesses. For more information check out their site.

Apps World, North America

12 - 13 May, San Francisco

The Apps World conference in California covers one of the largest growing industries - and one we know a lot about - mobile apps. Mobile usage has overtaken desktop usage and these numbers continue to rise. Known as a must attend conference for app developers, the event provides an opportunity to meet over 10,000 ‘leading developers, brands and industry professionals from across the entire app ecosystem’.

This event is huge and has a mighty impressive speaker line up. In fact you’d be hard pushed to find one better. From the Co-founder of Twitter, Chief Evangelist of Microsoft, Lead Android UI designer at Google, CEO of OneNote, Chief Digital Officer of the NFL and Senior Director of Nike (to name a few), attendees will hear from some of the very best that the industry has to offer.

The Enterprise Mobility Forum

14 - 15 May, South Africa

Taking place at the luxurious Arabella Hotel and Spa just outside of Cape Town, the Enterprise Mobility Forum is aimed at senior executives and decision makers and is strictly invite only. Attendees are treated to five themes over two days - ‘Managing and Securing the Mobile Enterprise’, ‘Aligning Strategies to Business Objectives’, ‘Mobile Applications, Platforms and Services’, ‘Sub-Saharan Africa: Connected and Mobile’ and ‘Enterprise Mobility: Looking to the Future’.

With Microsoft as the platinum sponsor you can expect to see and hear from a range of top level management from Barclays, Investec, Microsoft, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, SAP, HP and more. Since its inaugural conference there’s been a consistent rise in forum attendees and leading vendors, highlighting that Africa’s premium enterprise mobility event is one to watch. And with the world's second largest continent playing a prominent role in this year’s 20 fastest growing economies, it’s set to keep growing.

Enterprise Mobility Management

18 June, London

EMM 2015 is the “UK’s leading enterprise mobility management event for business and technology professionals”. Now in its fourth year, the event will cover a whole host of hot topics from collaborative working and Mobile Applications Management (MAM) to wearable tech in the workplace and mobile big data. A particular focus this year will be on the increase of BYOD. As research has highlighted, ‘the BYOD market size is set to grow to over $284 billion by 2019’. It’s also estimated that by 2017 half of all employers will require employees to supply their own device for work purposes.

Featuring client use cases and case studies the emphasis is very much on real-life scenarios, sharing best practices and providing practical business advice. So if you’re a CEO, CIO, Director of, Enterprise Architect, BYOD Manager or Risk Analyst or Specialist, then this event in London is one for you.

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