Transform Data on the Move with ReportPlus

Mobile Man / Thursday, April 2, 2015

As work increasingly moves away from the static environment of the office to a more mobile and flexible place, we’ve seen a growing need for tools which make editing documents more convenient when not at the desktop. In this post we’ll be looking at a new app which aims to respond to the needs of the modern, hyper-connected worker.

The office at your fingertips

Infragistics ReportPlus is a mobile application that enables data discovery & data visualization to quickly create and visualize reports and share strategic enterprise insights on your mobile device. What this means for you, is that you can be confident that you have the latest information at hand to make real-time, informed decisions.

The application is able to connect to a wide variety of enterprise data sources including SQL Server, MySQL, Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Reporting Services, Analysis Services OLAP cubes, Excel and SharePoint. Sharing those company insights is one of the features of the application that makes it easy to start discussions based on real time data. Sharing is possible through email or by exporting the reports. You’ll always be connected with the whole office at your fingertips.

ReportPlus can connect to a rich set of enterprise data sources. What makes ReportPlus so powerful is that there is no server software required to create or maintain data connections.

ReportPlus can connect to:

  • SharePoint
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • CRM systems like SalesForce
  • Relational databases like SQL Server and Oracle
  • Social media data like Facebook or Twitter

There is also an option to connect to web analytics to see how you public website is performing. All these data sources also offer the capacity to be combined with one another in a “Multiple Data Source” to see insights from two different sources.

ReportPlus - Your Reports on iPad

Multiple sources

The power to connect to multiple data sources is a real benefit for any manager. Imagine how difficult it is in a board meeting to visualize the sales details for example. This information is often stored in multiple sources, and for end users it is therefore far from easy to find when they are not the most experienced Excel pro. By using some prepared reports in ReportPlus the data can be shown in an attractive way to the other board members without the need for extra software tools or expertise.

Creating dashboards in ReportPlus is easy and does not need any advanced design or development skills. When a dashboard is connected to one (or many) data sources the Chart Wizard does all the work. A dashboard uses pre-defined templates or can use the custom made company template to visualize the data. This means you spend less time working out how to turn statistics into graphics and frees you up to think about how the data can best represent the important trends.

The data on these dashboards can be easily shared with other people via email or via the export feature. Exporting data to PowerPoint or any other Microsoft Office document format is simple, and avoids the hassle of re-formatting charts and graphs. The export even includes all the annotations that are made in the charts so you can track changes made to a shared document.

Enterprise ready

ReportPlus is an enterprise ready mobile application and implements data protection capabilities so data security is ensured at any time. The advanced data protection features found in ReportPlus Enterprise include options like multi-factor authentication, enterprise certificates support, passcode lock, permission based hiding, kiosk mode and many more. Additionally, the deployment of the application can be handled in-house and managed by the IT department. With the custom branding capabilities the company look and feel can be implemented in the whole application. As a result, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your corporate data is stored securely.

With enterprise data connections, powerful dashboards, sharing capabilities and data protection ReportPlus is a very powerful mobile data visualization application. The latest release of ReportPlus supports the new iOS design experience, has the option to share to Cloud based storage and exports to any Microsoft Office file format.

Next to these build-in options there is the JS Bridge API that offers developers the possibility of incorporating HTML and JavaScript visualizations created by third parties into ReportPlus dashboards.

Our ReportPlus team has done a great job in thinking about every need of companies where reporting is a vital aspect in the organization.

ReportPlus Coming to Android

Recently, Infragistics launched ReportPlus Android Viewer - it enables companies to view all their ReportPlus iOS reports natively on Android devices. Current ReportPlus iOS subscription details can be used to have the same premier native dashboard viewing experience on any Android device. Soon, ReportPlus for Android will allow full dashboard and report-creation capabilities, and what's more, a desktop version is in the roadmap this year!

Finger on the pulse

In the context of an ever changing business environment and unpredictable financial markets, companies working with data need to be constantly aware of the latest changes and developments. Having access to a mobile app which can provide real time solutions is essential. A finger on the pulse is crucial for businesses who want to stay ahead of the curve and Infragistics ReportPlus can be extremely powerful in achieving this.

ReportPlus - Your Reports on iPad