What's New in ReportPlus v3.5

Mobile Man / Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What's New in ReportPlus v3.5: Portrait Mode, New Visualizations, iPhone 6/6+ Support and More!

We are proud to announce that ReportPlus v3.5 is available for download in the app store.  Version 3.5 adapts to the new iOS8 64 bit requirements, and iPhone 6/6+ new screen real estate, plus ships several new features. In a nutshell, new features in version 3.5 include:

  • Portrait Orientation
  • New and improved visualizations options
  • Widgets copy & paste
  • Dashboard variables
  • Default Formatting settings

Portrait Orientation

Given that the iPhone most natural, and intuitive, orientation is portrait changes were introduced to support the portrait orientation in ReportPlus for viewing purposes.

The dashboard selector displays thumbnails on a portrait view, and a new dashboard view is introduced to stack widgets allowing scrolling and maximizing upon tap.

A new “hamburger” control is used on the top left corner to display the list of menu options for the current view.


New and improved visualizations

Version 3.5 improves the Scatter & Bubble charts, by enabling the selection of a Color Axis, to allow visual differentiation of categories within the items displayed. Also we’ve added support to display the label on top of each item.

For instance when charting Countries you may want to paint those belonging to the same continent with the same color, or products by type, or industry.


Also two new visualization types are introduced, which are the funnel, and the bullet graph.

Funnel works very much like the Pie Chart, displaying one data series in a funnel like shape, split in stacks with different colors for the different row values.

The Bullet Graph can be configured as a new option of the Gauge Visualization. A new Gauge type is introduced name Bullet, which allows not only to configure where to get the Value from, but also it requests where to retrieve the “Target” value from. Based on the target value it displays a vertical mark on the linear gauge.


Finally a new grid view side by side mode is introduced to enable looking at both the chart and the actual numbers in the maximized view of a widget.

A new icon is displayed when widgets are maximized that allows users to see a grid with the data behind the chart at the bottom of the screen. To expand or collapse this grid section you just have to tap the grid like icon at the bottom right corner.


Widgets Copy & Paste

ReportPlus version 3.5 introduces the ability to copy widgets to the clipboard, so that it can be pasted across dashboards, and even to third party apps such as the email client, keynote, numbers, etc.

Widgets with a grid visualization when copied to third party apps are pasted as a table with the figures. Otherwise a image is pasted with a capture of the visualization.

This feature enables the reuse of widgets across dashboards, and allows even to create dashboards just by mashing up widgets from other dashboards.

Dashboard Variables

This version introduces the concept of Dashboard Variables, which are values that can be referenced in widgets calculated fields and bind expressions like Global Filters, but unlike Global Filters they don’t have to conform to a set of predefined values, but rather are defined in a free entry textfield.

They can also act as parameters in the navigation between dashboards, so that information can be passed to a dashboard when invoked and become accessible as the value of a variable.

Default formatting settings

By default ReportPlus used to ship with formatting settings set tailored for the US culture. This affects the display of dates and currency symbol. Every user that wanted to customize this, had to do it on every field, of every widget of every dashboard, which made it less productive for our user base in Europe.

This version introduces the ability to configure formatting settings centrally, once and for all, for all new dashboards, instead of having to configure this widget by widget.

Now that you've seen all that's possible with ReportPlus v3.5, get it for free today on the App Store, and start building eye-popping dashboards of your own in virtually no time. We hope you enjoy!