• Best Practices: Team Productivity, Regardless of Devices or Storage Services

    2015 was a big year for a number of business trends, as collaboration, the cloud, mobile working and productivity made statements on their importance in the enterprise. With technology evolving at such an impressive rate, 2016 has continued on from where 2015 left off, and pushes us further into the fabled “office of the future”.

    A lot of these prevalent business trends are at the heart of SharePlus; many…

    • Wed, May 18 2016
  • What’s the Key to a Winning Data-driven Strategy?

    Today, we are creating and consuming more data than ever. In business, in our personal lives, on our desktop, with our multiple mobile devices. In fact, every day we create 2.5 billion gigabytes of data. Big Data is becoming one of the biggest driving forces behind the global economy and is actually supporting economic development in developing countries.

    The prediction is that in less than five years, 40 zettabytes…

    • Thu, May 12 2016
  • The Future of Work

    What will the future look like? This has been a popular question since… forever. In the 1950s the predictions for the turn of the millennium noted that common, universal interplanetary travel was something more probable over possible, as was finding intelligent life on Mars. Robots would be in every home, helping with the household chores, and our telephones would fit in our handbags.

    Well, from our perch of 2016…

    • Tue, Apr 26 2016
  • When SharePlus met Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive for Business

    A new experience

    Synesthesia is a particularly unique sensory condition: a neurological mismatch that results in two or more senses combining. Ingrid Carey lives with this rare but real condition. For her, the letter “N” is experienced as a sort of sienna brown, while the number “8” is orange. The pain from her shin splints throbs in hues of orange, yellow, purple and red.

    Meanwhile, for Sean …

    • Thu, Apr 21 2016
  • Accelerate Your JavaScript & Mobile Dev Skills at XLR8 Conference 2016

    Join us on May 14th at Sofia Event Center, Bulgaria, and hear the insights of some of the sharpest minds in the fields of JavaScript and Mobile Development!

    XLR8 2016 will bring you the latest trends and best practices in today’s hottest topics in software development – JavaScript – Angular 2, ReactJs, native & hybrid mobile development & design and our bonus track for you – handy Soft Skills which will help you become…

    • Thu, Apr 21 2016
  • Access OneDrive for Business through SharePlus

    If you’re a SharePoint user, then OneDrive for Business is the cloud storage service for you. It's not to be confused with OneDrive, its sister cloud service. While OneDrive, formerly known as SkyDrive, offers cloud storage, OneDrive for Business offers a perfect and secure collaboration experience, is integrated with both SharePoint and Office 365, and is also accessible within SharePlus. In addition, you now get 1 TB…

    • Thu, Apr 7 2016
  • Data Visualization: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

    As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. But exactly how true might that statement be? There is an abundance of research out there regarding how we gather and retain knowledge most effectively, and the general consensus is that we remember pictures and images more readily than we remember words.

    This makes a fair amount of sense when you consider that our brain is mainly an image processor…

    • Tue, Apr 5 2016
  • The Value of Bringing Self-service Data Visualization & Data Discovery to Your Organization

    Microsoft’s internal help desk supports more than 105,000 clients – employees, vendors and contractors – across 5 international call centers. In an attempt to reduce call volumes, the Redmond tech giant deployed a number of self-service tools, including an online support website that offered chat capabilities and access to knowledge-based articles. As a result, calls were reduced by almost 16% at a savings rate of roughly…

    • Tue, Apr 5 2016
  • Limited Time Offer: Get a Free Custom Mobile SharePoint Workspace in 30 Days or Less and Realize ROI

    Your current SharePoint investment is already helping your organization collaborate and become more efficient. But do you realize SharePoint’s ROI when it comes to mobility?

    With the latest release of SharePlus, the premier mobile SharePoint and collaboration solution, we’ve empowered enterprise teams to become even more efficient! With Custom Mobile Workspaces to give you a tailored experience, SharePlus enables…

    • Mon, Apr 4 2016
  • SharePlus Now Supports Google Drive

    Despite all the hoopla and brouhaha surrounding cloud services, the truth is that storing data in cloud services generally means saving information online using backup services. And while cloud services are very useful, businesses are aware of the perils of having documents strewn across different cloud providers. Every cloud user has experienced at least one fast-paced, panic-driven search for a document through multiple…

    • Thu, Mar 24 2016
  • SharePlus Meets Dropbox – Seamless and Unified Mobile Access to Your Information

    In addition to SharePoint, on-premises or in the cloud, SharePlus now allows you to access additional storage services, like Dropbox, OneDrive for Business, and Google Drive from your mobile device. Plus, you can access Network Drives (Windows File Share) shared by your colleagues.

    Dropbox, one of the most popular cloud storage services is now supported within SharePlus. Why is Dropbox a big deal? There are many reasons…

    • Mon, Mar 21 2016
  • Windows File Share (Network Drives) Now Accessible on Mobile with SharePlus

    Shared Drives across a network are an essential, secure way of storing and sharing  documents; it is the preferred method of collaboration by businesses, colleges and government agencies. Unlike Cloud services, where there is usually one account per individual, there’s no limit on the number of Shared Drives you or your colleagues might have.

    However, there are some limits. Businesses usually restrict the access…

    • Mon, Mar 21 2016
  • How to Keep Your Field and Office Teams Organized and Productive?

    For many years, organizations have struggled to manage the challenges associated with geographically dispersed teams. How can your company stay focused and united when teams around the country or even across the world rarely work face to face?

    There have been a whole range of solutions and technologies intended to overcome this challenge. In the past, geographically spread organizations depended on the post, fax, newsletters…

    • Thu, Mar 17 2016
  • How to Impress Your Customers with Better Data UX Design

    We can all agree that a good user experience (UX) is core to retaining customers to your product. People’s leniency towards below-average UX is continually declining, and they take no shame in deleting an app just moments after downloading if it’s slow to load or unintuitive to use. However, the terminology regarding what makes for good data UX design is somewhat clouded. In this post we’ll explore what exactly determines…

    • Wed, Mar 2 2016
  • 5 of The Best SharePoint Pro Twitter Accounts

    Do you think Twitter is all about procrastination? You’d be wrong. Following a wide range of Twitter users, sourcing information from a variety of accounts and really engaging with posts can have considerable benefits for your professional life.

    A recent five year study taken by over 200 Twitter users discovered some fascinating insights into the impact the social network has had on their professional lives. Twitter…

    • Wed, Feb 24 2016
  • Why Your Company Should Pay Closer Attention to Device Diversity

    Do you sometimes long for the good old days of device management? In most organizations, all you had to think about was governing a series of desktop PCs, usually running on Windows. iOS and Android hadn’t even been invented, and the idea that anyone could connect to corporate data from anywhere seemed ludicrous. How times have changed!

    Today, the floodgates have opened. Your colleagues likely use a whole range…

    • Wed, Feb 17 2016
  • UX Changes and Improvements to Office 365 and SharePoint 2016

    A lot has been said about how the changes to Office 365 and SharePoint will affect developers and IT professionals. However, there’s been rather less attention paid to how improvements in user experience (UX) will actually affect end users.

    This is important. UX is key to how your colleagues interact with SharePoint and Office 365 and how useful it is in their day to day activities. Whether you simply use the platforms…

    • Wed, Feb 10 2016
  • How to Use SharePoint on iOS (iPhone/ iPad)

    Until pretty recently, Microsoft had a reputation for being incredibly protective of its products and services. While some of those perceptions linger on, the Redmond giant has made a lot of significant moves to open up its technology over the last couple of years.

    Back in 2015, we reported on Microsoft’s open sourcing of its .NET stack, a move which surprised and delighted developers. The company has also been increasingly…

    • Tue, Feb 2 2016
  • Just How Secure is Your Mobile Data?

    How secure is your company’s enterprise mobile data? The simple answer: it all depends on you.

    In today’s enterprise, the expectation to provide employees with access to company data from mobile devices is almost universal. Access from smartphones and mobiles can boost productivity, create new opportunities and cut costs. However, as with any new technology, offering access to sensitive internal information via…

    • Tue, Jan 26 2016
  • How to Choose a BI and Analytics Tool for Your Company

    For a long time, Business Intelligence (BI) was the specialized domain belonging to your company’s statistics expert. However, in the last few years, we’ve seen an exponential growth in BI tools for the enterprise, meaning that in theory, anyone can gain real-time, actionable insights. Whether you’re a sales person, a CIO or a cattle farmer, the use of real-time data is changing how all kinds of industries…

    • Wed, Jan 20 2016
  • Top Tips: How to Become a SharePoint MVP

    If you took a moment out of your day and logged into Twitter and searched for #MVP, you’d encounter an active content thread with nods to plenty of successful achievers. One common theme in this stream are references to American NFL and NBA players. Whilst they’re not the focus of what we want to discuss today, the notion of “achievement” is. Because should you ever obtain the rank of Microsoft MVP, most members of your…

    • Thu, Jan 14 2016
  • New Content Sources Available in SharePlus iOS and Android: OneDrive for Business, Dropbox, and Google Drive!

    Accessing your documents is now easier than ever in SharePlus. We are pleased to announce that a set of exciting new features have been rolled out in our latest release, out now! Here’s a quick overview of the new features found in our iOS and Android mobile interfaces:

    Access your documents using different content sources

    While only SharePoint portals could be configured as document sources in previous SharePlus…

    • Fri, Jan 8 2016
  • What’s Trending in Business Analytics?

    When we look at the recent history of digital technology, some trends have stood the test of time, while others have burst forward before rapidly withering away. Remember mini-disks? Apple’s Newton Message Pad? Windows 8…

    With any new trend, there will be ideas that go nowhere. That’s not to say we shouldn’t innovate, but that for every successful emerging technology, there’ll also be many which remain nothing…

    • Wed, Jan 6 2016
  • Team Spotlight: Insider Interview with Phil Dinsmore, Director of Sales, Enterprise Mobility

    Meet the People behind Infragistics’ Enterprise Mobility Solutions

    We talk about great new technologies that enable productivity and boost revenue every day. But we sometimes forget that the people who come up with the ideas, who build and spread them, are the ones driving these innovations forward. Meet the team behind Infragistics’ amazing Enterprise Mobility products and services in our new blog series – Team…

    • Tue, Jan 5 2016
  • The Top SharePoint Events Coming in 2016

    Microsoft’s underlying vision of the SharePoint product is simple: to enable improved productivity in the workplace. This vision governs the product’s design, and the support of product users is demonstrated in the value SharePoint events bring to the community.

    These events are all about sharing ideas on how to use SharePoint to bring productivity and efficiency to the enterprise. And Microsoft – true to…

    • Tue, Jan 5 2016