• Building Databound JavaScript Apps with KnockoutJS, webinar follow-up

    IgniteUI-KnockoutJSFirst of all, Thanks to all of you who attended the webinar yesterday. For a change you did not hear to Jason’s voice Smile . As per the plans we had Jason kick starting the presentation and then Tom and I continuing it. However due to a technical issue, Jason and Tom couldn’t login for first few minutes, so I had to go on. But both of them joined later and were answering to all your awesome questions! We apologize for…

    • Wed, May 29 2013
  • ‘LESS’– A dynamic language that simplifies your CSS


    For this post, I am assuming you are a programmer like me and design is a planet just outside your universe. If you are from the design planet, you too can read on; may be there is something for you too!

    Writing CSS is fun, exciting and easy until your website grows fat with pages and complicated layouts. If you have ever tried fixing a layout in such a page – you know what I mean. Did I talk about fixing a layout? Oh…

    • Sat, Apr 20 2013
  • Simple trick to silently fallback when CDN’s unreachable

    Using content delivery network provides increased performance – since files are copied and replicated, end users accessing content from far off, remote areas do not download content from your web server, but instead from a closer CDN server. Since CDN hosted content is cached; it is a good idea to have JavaScript, Image, and CSS files hosted there as they will be downloaded to the client PC and reused until the client…

    • Wed, Apr 10 2013
  • Exploring JavaScript MV* Frameworks Part 1 – Hello Backbonejs

    Javascript-MVC-JuggleJavaScript has become one of the most popular programming languages on the web. At first, developers didn’t take it seriously, simply because it was not intended for server side programming. It was a common misconception among professional developers that this language was meant for “Amateurs” as it focused only on User Interface. JavaScript got the spotlight when the usage of Ajax came to light and professional programmers…

    • Mon, Apr 1 2013
  • C# Corner MVP Summit 2013 – HTML5 & jQuery Session recap

    NoidaSummitWe had an awesome time at the C# corner MVP Summit 2013, Noida. Every year C# corner MVPs, authors and the experts in this forum meet up and share their knowledge with others. We are glad that we are part of this event this year by being the platinum sponsors. And I had a fantastic time doing the demos for Jason’s session on HTML5 & jQuery. Jason explained about HTML5 – new HTML elements, CSS3 and JavaScript API followed…

    • Sat, Mar 23 2013
  • Webinar follow-up: Getting started with MVVM

    Getting-Started-With-MVVMFirst of all I want to thank everyone who attended my webinar on Getting started with MVVM in WPF and Silverlight yesterday. I had an awesome time delivering this session and answering some of your questions.  As most of you asked me about sharing the demo and slides so here’s a quick recap of the session followed by the link to samples and slide deck.


    Simple Sales Dashboard using MVVM, that I demoed!



    Model –…

    • Thu, Nov 1 2012
  • Blend for Visual Studio Workspace (XAML)

    In my previous post, I  introduced you to Blend for Visual Studio and talked about Project templates and Item templates. Now that you are set with your templates its time to understand blend workspace better. This is going to be your playground for designing and creating some stunning animations. This post will concentrate on the workspace that Blend provides when your project is in XAML.


    Blend Workspace:


    There are two…

    • Tue, Sep 25 2012
  • Windows 8 Developers – Do you “Blend for Visual Studio”?

    Blend-for-Visual-StudioNewest release of Blend now supports UX authoring for Windows 8 store apps both in XAML and HTML. The good news is that if you are a Windows 8 store apps developer then you can make use of Blend for Visual Studio 2012 which is included as part of the Visual Studio 2012 installation. More to it – you get this cake even if you download the Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows 8 which is of-course free!

    Windows 8…

    • Tue, Sep 25 2012