• XamGrid - Implementing Custom Column Filtering UI

    XamGrid has tons of features to make it easier for you to show and manipulate your data. It provides two different UI patterns for filtering - FilterRow and Excel-like Filter Menu. But what if these two do not fit your needs?

    In this post I'll show you how I created a custom Filtering UI.

    You can find the code at the end of the post.

    Since the whole implementation is hundreds of line, I won't be able to guide you…

    • Wed, Jun 1 2011
  • Clipboard Extensions for xamGrid

    Starting from 2010.3 XamGrid has Clipboard support.

    You can read in more details about this new feature in our documentation or get a head start by watching this video.

    In this post I will show you few helper methods that you can use for copying and pasting. Links to the source code and binaries are below.

    There are two public extension methods available: PasteData and IsSelectionValid.

    The purpose of the IsSelectionValid…

    • Tue, Oct 19 2010