Google's Chromecast V2 to release Backdrop API

Robert Kim / Wednesday, November 12, 2014

There may not be anything spectacularly new hardware-wise in Google’s updated Chromecast V2, but there are certainly some software changes. Imagine a smarter screen saver for your TV that can display whatever you want it to. Instead of the default standby mode you get while idle, your Chromecast will be able to display a live feed of your Twitter, up to date info on your favorite sports, and anything else you want displayed on your 50” screen.

As it is now, the only customizable option available on the Chromecast is your Google+ Photo collection. With the upcoming changes, developers would be able to give users a lot more choices and variety. An open API will enable developers to create applications for the Chromecast and allow access to customizable tools that were previously unavailable. There would be a whole new way for people to take control of the standby mode display from Chromecast.

That little $35 dongle could soon be transforming your beautiful flat-screen TV into much more than what it’s been able to do before. Your TV can be the central hub that connects any of the devices in your home and then displays whatever you choose from the control of your computers, tablet, or phone. The options for this small change are actually almost limitless, depending on what developers can create and what Google decides to allow its device to do.

Another feature Google plans to implement is for users to cast their videos and music without connecting to your Wi-Fi network. TVs that are connected with Chromecast will be able to connect to your guest’s device without having to go through the trouble of finding your Wi-Fi password.  Google claims this connection between devices will be established using inaudible ultrasonic frequencies, similar to the high-pitched signals bats use for echolocation.

While these features may not ‘wow’ you, with some of its more modest changes, Chromecast development should be taking off in the near future. Chromecast continues to be a huge hit since its launch in July of 2013 and remains one of Amazon’s best-selling electronics items for well over a year now. The changes being made at least give Chromecast users some things to look forward to and show signs for even greater potential in the future. 

Source: Google Chrome Blog