Mathematical Charting Sample Apps Available

Sara Faatz / Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We've been working with partner CenterSpace Software - a leading provider of enterprise class numerical component libraries - to bring a complete mathematical charting solution to .NET developers.  Today we jointly released two sample applications – one in Windows Forms and one in WPF - that demonstrate how our visual charting and graphing controls combined with CenterSpace's advanced math and statistics library allow you to visualize extreme mathematical scenarios graphically.


Infragistics + CenterSpace Windows Forms Sample demonstrates Savitzky-Golay data smoothing in a single Infragistics chart along with two filtering controls. This sample includes a helper class to organize NMath Vectors into a data table with column headers that is consumed by the Infragistics chart.


Infragistics + CenterSpace WPF Sample demonstrates estimating the power spectral density of historic sun spot data using NMath's FFT and filtering classes. The raw sun spot data, periodogram, and the power spectral density are shown in a series of three WPF Infragistics charts.


Both samples can be downloaded here.  Infragistics Windows Forms and WPF conrols and CenterSpace NMath suite of tools are needed to compile and run the sample applications. Free trial downloads are available here.