Private Library London Recap

Sara Faatz / Thursday, February 25, 2010

We hosted our first Private Library event in London this week.  While I am obviously biased, it was a great night! 


We started the night with canapés, wine and networking.  We then moved everyone into the library for a Quince Pro demo and a panel discussion. 


Jason Beres did the Quince Pro demo - It was awesome to see all of the interest and to hear the room buzz when we said we were giving everyone there a one-year five-seat Quince Pro license.  


The panel was comprised of Jane Austin, Head of User Experience at IG Index; Martin Grayson, User Experience Consultant at Microsoft; and Tobias Komischke, Director of User Experience at Infragistics; and moderated by Jason.  They discussed how to build superior solutions through design and shared their thoughts about people, process and tools.  Some of the questions they fielded included:


·         What are the most important qualities you look for in an IxD/UXD?

·         Which process do you subscribe to?  Agile? Waterfall? Freefall (no formal process)? Why?

·         What tools do you use?  And why?

·         What books do you have on your bookshelf today / What do you read the most? 

·         What were some of the most valuable lessons learned while building a successful solution through design?


I had some technical difficulty with the video (let’s be honest, it was operator error – and I was trying to make my camera do more than it was supposed to) I had but I’ve posted about five minutes of video from the event.  Please forgive the quality and editing - I am hoping to bring better equipment (with a tripod and better audio) to the New York event next month.Click here to play this video


It was exciting for me was to see a room full of user experience experts with backgrounds both as developers and designers.  Quince Pro is a natural evolution for a company that has been in the user interface controls / experience design space for more than 20 years – but what is cool for me is that it reaches a whole other audience as well.  And by reaching that audience, we can make the lives of both the designer and developer that much easier.   


For those of you who have played with the trial of Quince Pro you know that one of the features of the product is the private library.  We couldn’t have asked for a more appropriate venue in London.  We’ll be hosting our New York event at The Library Hotel on March 24.  While the Private Library events are by invitation only, please send me email – sfaatz (at) if you are interested in attending.    I’ll post dates and location for Bangalore and Tokyo in the coming weeks.


While in London, Dean Guida (our CEO), Dawn Colossi (Director of Marketing and PR) and I made our way to the Infragistics office in Europe.  It was great to spend some time with Peter Lindsey (the managing director) and to meet all of the great people working there.