NUCLiOS IGCalendarView: Customer Requested Features

Stephen Zaharuk / Monday, November 24, 2014

The response to the IGCalendarView has pretty awesome. And we've gotten a lot of feedback. 
While we weren't able to get to all of the feature requests yet, we didn't want to leave you hanging. Along with some work on performance improvement, we've added some features from the community.

Its worth noting, that these features are available in the upcoming 14.2 release, along with every version going back to the original in 13.2. 

Appointments can be Individually Colored  

Previously, appointment colors were controlled only through the IGCalendarAppointmentDataSource protocol. So you'd only be able to have a single color per data source. That is no longer the case. While the former is still true, you can now specify different colors on an appointment by appointment basis. We've done this by simply adding a color property the IGCalendarAppointment object:

IGCalendarAppointment *calAppt = [[IGCalendarAppointment alloc] init];

calAppt.color = [UIColor redColor];

DayView Hour Time Format

Previously, the 12/24 hour time format was exclusively determined by your locale. Now you can actually specify it right ton the IGCalendarView. You can choose between 12/24/Auto. Where Auto will default to your Locale:

_cal.dayViewHourTimeFormat = IGCalendarDayViewTimeFormat24;

DayView AM/PM Option

Previously we always showed the AM/PM prefix on the hours. However, we got some requests that they don't want to see this. So now its optional!

_cal.dayViewShowAMPM = NO;

DayView Initial Scroll Location 

Previously, we always showed the dayView at the first hour (12 am) whenever it was opened. However thats not really helpful. So we've given you a couple of options now. You can have the dayView scroll to a specific hour, that is customizable, or you can have it scroll to a the first appointment on that day.  If there are no appointments on a specific day, it will default back to the specified hour. 

_cal.dayViewInitialScrollStartHour = 8; // 0 - 23

_cal.dayViewInitialScrollLocation = IGCalendarDayViewInitialScrollLocationFirstAppointment;

Thanks for the feedback, and keep it coming!