• Aikido November 2008 CTP Released

    I am pleased to announce the release of our ASP.NET Aikido November CTP. It includes a set of new ASP.NET Web 2.0 controls built on top of our Aikido framework. To check them out in action, visit our online samples. In this CTP, we have introduced five new controls, and a WebDataGrid behavior listed below.  
    ·         WebDataMenu
    ·         WebDropDown
    ·         WebLanunchBar
    ·         WebPanel
    ·         WebProgressBar
    ·         WebDataGrid (Virtual Scrolling)

    To download the…
    • Tue, Nov 18 2008
  • Under the hood of new Aikido WebDataGrid (Contd...)

    This is a continuation of a post I wrote earlier…..
    Modular Architecture
    The behaviors architecture of the WebDataGrid makes it easy to understand and code. In order to enable a behavior within the grid, all you need to do is add the behavior to grid’s behaviors collection. Once a behavior is added you can now customize it within the designer dialog, markup or in code.
    Figure 1: Customize Behavior in Markup
    Figure 2…
    • Thu, Nov 13 2008
  • Watch & Learn Aikido WebDataGrid

    Our control experts have created videos that will take you inside the features of the WebDataGrid. These videos will help you understand the different behaviors, teach you how you can enable them and customize for your applications. 

    Over the next few days, we will be posting more videos as we complete our editing, but check out the link below where we've put up some videos to help you started!


    • Thu, Nov 6 2008
  • Under the hood of new Aikido WebDataGrid

    As most of you know about our Aikido framework for building lighter, faster web controls. With 2008 Volume 3, we have introduced our first ever Grid control built on top of it, called WebDataGrid. Check out the what's new product page to get more insight on what it can bring to your web development.
    A part from grid features like paging, scrolling, filtering… etc, there are lot of other benefits that the WebDataGrid…
    • Tue, Nov 4 2008