• How can we make ASP.NET AJAX (Aikido) controls even better?

    Those of you, who’ve been using our ASP.NET controls for over a year, may already be familiar with the Aikido framework. If not, you can check out the Aikido page to learn about the framework and the ASP.NET AJAX controls based on it. In this post I would like to open up to gather your feedback on thoughts about the design of these controls and what we could do more in the upcoming releases to make them even better…

    • Wed, Aug 26 2009
  • ASP.NET August 2009 CTP is Here!

    I am excited to announce the August 2009 ASP.NET CTP. This release includes a new hierarchical data grid control and new features to the existing controls in the toolset, in addition to added funtionality to the controls we shipped in the last CTP. The new controls & features for this CTP are:

    WebHiearchicalDataGrid: A fresh Hierarchical Data Grid control based our Aikido framework. You can display multiple child bands,…

    • Mon, Aug 3 2009